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The Ultimate Guide to Renting Iizuka-shi Apartments

by Ethan More
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Renting an apartment in Iizuka-shi can be challenging if you’re not prepared. There are plenty of rules and regulations in the city, along with many different types of apartments that may seem overwhelming to someone who has never rented one before. To help make sure your Iizuka-shi apartment rental goes as smoothly as possible, here are the ultimate guides to Iizuka-shi apartments.

1. Cost

The cost of rent can vary drastically in Japan and in Iizuka-shi. The average cost of rent in Iizuka-shi may differ based on whether you choose to live in an apartment on the outskirts of the city or within the city itself. There are convenient apartments located closer to downtown that have a higher price tag, but typically have a lower cost if one chooses to buy their own appliances and furniture.

2. Location

The location of your apartment in Iizuka-shi can also make a difference in your rent amount. Having a bigger and more spacious apartment will typically increase your rent, as well as having a view of the city or ocean from the windows of your apartment.

3. Rules and Regulations

In Japan, you must follow regulations when renting an apartment to ensure that you have the best experience possible while living in Japan. For example, there are no doorknobs in anime-themed apartments, so be sure to bring your own keys when you move. Others will ask you to refrain from using dating sim games on your computer or watching adult TV or movies, which is a common practice for apartments in Japan.

4. Types of Apartments

There are many different types of apartments you can choose from when renting one in Iizuka-shi. These include studios, one-bedroom apartments, two bedrooms and even three bedrooms.

5. Activities

Aside from just having that comfortable, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, you might also want to know about some of the activities available to you. Chances are that you’ll be able to stay within a 10-minute walk from Iizuka Station or the Aomori Station, which is what you would expect from a busy city like Iizuka. These are just some of the many things to do in Iizuka-shi but other than that there are many other things to see and do on your travels when living here.

6. Transportation

There are many different ways to get around Iizuka-shi and its surrounding areas, but the easiest would probably be the public transportation system. You could take the train or use a taxi or even rent a bike depending on how long you will be staying in Iizuka-shi.

7. Stores

Iizuka has many stores that cater to almost anyone’s needs when living in Iizuka-shi, whether it is for shopping for clothes, beauty products or other items, eating out or grabbing some fast food.

8. Safety

Although the streets of Iizuka-shi can be a bit busy, the city itself is usually safe to live in and travel through. There are many security cameras that can record any crimes that happen as well as patrolling officers on bikes or cars so you won’t have to worry too much about safety while living here.

Anyone can live in Iizuka-shi without much difficulty. There are many rules and regulations for residents to follow, but that just makes it a little more exciting and adventurous. All you need to do is get the proper knowledge of this city before you head here for your new Iizuka-shi apartment rental.

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