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Seven Businesses to Start in St. Louis, Missouri

by Yash
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There’s a lot to love in the city of St. Louis. From its rich history to its bustling nightlife, St. Louis has been a constant source of inspiration for me ever since I moved here a few years ago. 

The city’s charms are so varied that it can take effort to choose what you want to do with your free time. More significantly, what business to set up here? But don’t worry! We’ve got some ideas for new companies that would thrive here. 

Read on and see if any match up with your interests.

St. Louis Is a Great Place to Start a Business

St. Louis is a great place to start a business. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the metro area’s economy is growing, with a GDP of $74,326,726 in 2021. Forbes has also ranked St. Louis as one of the best cities for new businesses in America since 2017. Thanks to its low cost of living and doing business combined with high quality of life for residents.

  • The city itself offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs. It houses: 
  • Technology startups on Delmar Boulevard and South Grand Avenue  
  • Manufacturing businesses in south or west county suburbs like Ballwin or Creve Coeur. 
  • Large corporations like Monsanto Inc., Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (NYSE: BUD), Express Scripts Holding Company (NASDAQ: ESRX), or Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC) based just outside city limits but still within easy commuting distance. 
  • Small independent boutiques downtown that sells everything from vintage clothing to home decor items made by local designers. 

The possibilities are endless!

Craft Beer

St. Louis is home to Anheuser-Busch, the world’s largest brewer. Beer is so much a part of the city’s culture that you can tour where Budweiser was first brewed. There are also plenty of other breweries in St. Louis. More than 200 new craft breweries have opened since 2014 alone. 

The business of craft brews is booming as well. By 2025, it’ll be worth $146 billion. And remember all those thirsty tourists who visit the area each year. They love their craft beers, too.

The city has several organizations dedicated to promoting locally made suds and fostering community among brewers. The St. Louis Brewers Guild works with local businesses and government agencies on issues related to brewing in St. Louis. 

They also host events like BrewBQs, pronounced “brew bees,” where local brewers come together for fun times and delicious grub at events around town each springtime during STL Restaurant Week. 

There are many ways for you as an entrepreneur interested in starting a business selling beer here. Opening up your brewery or brewpub like McKee’s Pub & Grill, becoming one of several suppliers who sell bottled beers produced by other companies like Stag, distributing kegs directly from your storefront like West County Brewing Co., or creating unique blends such as barrel-aged whiskey cocktails served on draft from taps at bars around town like Sportsman’s Park Lounge & Grill.

Logistics Service

Logistics is the process of transporting goods from one place to another. Logistics is an essential aspect of the business. Companies must have a reliable logistics system to ensure that their products arrive at their destination on time.

St. Louis is an excellent place to start a logistics business because there are many warehouses. Thus, there’s plenty of space where you can store your inventory while transporting it from one location to another. 

Many large companies are also located here that could be interested in using your services. They’ll be able to pay well because they’re large corporations. But before starting this type of biz, consider challenges like road accidents.

Road accidents can happen anytime. It is, therefore, wise to have insurance for all your commercial vehicles. Having insurance will protect your business from any losses. It is essential to have a reliable insurance provider who can offer you the best coverage at an affordable price.

We also suggest consulting an auto accident lawyer for the home state. A St. Louis auto accident lawyer will help you navigate through the distinct state rules and regulations. He will help speed up the process and improve your chances of winning your case. He might also have a reputation among the judges that will help get things in your favor. And he may also help with all the paperwork, including insurance.

Urban Farming

Urban farming is a business model that brings together local farmers, consumers, and food banks to create a unique community where healthy food is readily available.

The city is home to several innovative urban farms that have successfully brought fresh produce back into city neighborhoods. They also provided jobs for residents and taught children about their connection to the land.

The amazing part is there are no special zoning laws against starting an urban farm. But it might behoove you to check with your municipal council members or local zoning board if there are any concerns about how your operation will impact neighbors or other businesses around you.

The USDA founded 17 county office committees dedicated only to urban agriculture. St. Louis is one of them. This organization offers free consultation services from experts who can help you set up a shop. They also provide resources for new farmers who want more information about running their operations.

Tech Startup

St. Louis has been ranked No. 1 for tech job creation. It’s no surprise why. The city is home to hundreds of innovative startups, including Kinsa, the maker of the first smart thermometer, and Mobile Technologies, the developer behind over 70 apps. 

The St. Louis Business Journal reports that more than 1,600 technology companies are in the area. Many have received funding from prominent venture capital firms like Arch Grants and Cultivation Capital. The tech community in St. Louis is thriving thanks to its intense collaboration with SLU-affiliated research institutions like Washington University and Fontbonne University. Both institutions are located nearby. 

Other prominent universities within driving distance from downtown St. Louis include Purdue University and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). These partnerships allow for collaborative work on research projects to develop products that could be commercialized by local entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses here in town.

Food Truck

Food trucks are a popular business model, especially in St. Louis. They are easy to start because they don’t require a lot of startup capital. You’ll need an inexpensive vehicle and reusable materials like tables and chairs. 

According to Food Truck Operator, Inc., the average cost of launching a food truck business is between $0.05 million and $0.06 million, with an average revenue stream of USD 0.29 million. That’s 10 times cheaper than brick-and-mortar systems. 

Plus, because most food trucks have limited seating capacity, it’s easier to maintain than many other types of businesses. Also, since it’s mobile and usually on public streets, all you have to do is track where your truck is parked at any given time so that customers know where they can find it.

Key Takeaways

St. Louis is an up-and-coming city with a lot of potential for entrepreneurs, and it’s suddenly getting more attention as a central tech hub. If you’re looking to start your own business, now may be the time.

St. Louis has a lot of great attributes: low cost of living, plenty of available office space, world-class universities nearby, and plenty of talented people to hire. Plus, there are tons of online and in-person resources to help you make your dreams come true!

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