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Detoxing at a Drug Treatment Center: What To Expect

by Ethan More
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Detox is not a simple process; it will take all of your strength to get through it. The good news is that it’s possible to overcome withdrawal and move forward. While the detox period can be painful, it is temporary, and you can detox safely under the supervision of medical staff.

Do your best to prepare before you detox. After your initial intake, a treatment plan will be created with you in mind. By learning about the protocols and what to expect, you can feel more secure in your decision and more grounded throughout the process. 

After this initial intake, you will begin the detox period under the care and supervision of medical care that is always available to you. Patients are not advised to leave during the detox period to ensure the safety and success of their detox. Continue reading for more information on what to expect when you search online for ‘drug treatment centers near me.’ 

Expect Withdrawal Symptoms 

There is no way around it; your body will have to detox from any substances in your system. The symptoms of withdrawal are both physical and psychological. The severity of what you endure during this period depends on the drugs you’re detoxing from and the last time you used. 

Given the intensity of detox withdrawal, patients are best supported under the safety and care of hospital staff at a drug and detox rehabilitation facility. Search the query, ‘drug treatment centers near me’ to find local centers. 

Be Aware of Old Feelings Coming Back

For many people, detoxing allows room for old feelings to emerge that they haven’t felt in a while. The drug usage may have numbed them from feeling their emotions, which may have been a coping mechanism to avoid distress. When you search ‘drug treatment centers near me,’ look for facilities with therapists

In these treatment facilities, patients are encouraged to talk things out with on-site counselors and therapists as these feelings arise. Coping skills groups will reinforce the need to learn effective ways to deal with distressing emotions. 

Avoid False Advertising When You Search ‘drug treatment centers near me’

Some detox centers claim that it takes days to ride through the withdrawals. The truth is that each detox period is different. A range of factors influence the intensity and length of the particular detox period, and it is false advertising to claim that detox can be completed in three days. 

Some individuals note that their withdrawal symptoms decline gradually as the days go by, and others experience waves until the detox starts to taper off. When you search ‘drug treatment centers near me’ avoid centers that offer a quick fix to detox.

Jumpstart Your Recovery With Safe Detox  

Reach out to the detox team today by searching ‘drug treatment centers near me’ and commit to the inevitable success of your detox so long as you stay the course. After successfully detoxing, you’ll move on to a more comprehensive recovery treatment plan to continue living a sober life.

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