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WordPress Development Services for Small Businesses

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There are a large number of companies that create WordPress. There is a large selection of different options, so it can be difficult for inexperienced customers to choose the right service supplier for a small business. No one has the desire to spend a lot of time surfing online in search of the right WordPress developer.

Companies that are highly experienced in this niche offer a team of experienced employees to help you create a reliable and useful WordPress site for small businesses. 

Unlike freelancers, such companies have a large team of executives, testers, and developers who will focus on building your website. To make the right decision, it is highly recommended to read useful information that will help you choose the best company to engage for WordPress development. 

Best WordPress Developers

You can check out the best companies and developers that are active in the market today and have managed to make a positive impression on their clients and the public in general. Some of the best ones include:

  • WPRiders;
  • Vipe Studio;
  • DevriX;
  • 10up;
  • Wholegrain Digital;
  • Multidots;
  • Human Made;
  • WebDevStudios.

In order to understand the advantages and peculiarities of the above companies, you should read an overview with the description of all their features. 


The company was founded in Romania in 2014 and has excellent experience with WordPress. It is one of the best companies that develop custom websites. Over the entire period of its existence, more than 1,000 clients have been satisfied with the provided services. A large number of positive reviews can be found about the company and this is not surprising as the management constantly receives high awards and recognition among leading business media outlets.

The company will help you significantly in the development of your small business. For this purpose, business analysts will be involved as they are engaged in informing, designing, developing, and testing. If you use the services of this company, you can be sure that the solutions will be developed with deep knowledge of the market and professional experience. Technology trends are always taken into account.

The team deals with many individual projects and all that they take on have maximum performance. The team of professionals knows exactly what they are doing and creates a strong foundation for small business development.

Vipe Studio

Vipe Studio company was founded in 2009. It offers a wide range of comprehensive WordPress development services. The company covers a wide range of projects while taking into account the following  features:

  • speed optimization;
  • custom plugins;
  • complete website builds;
  • WordPress implementations.

The company has its headquarters in Bulgaria. However, there are its offices in other countries, for example, in Europe and the United States. Of course, it is easy to take advantage of their services whatever the customer’s location is. 

Vipe Studio creates websites from scratch and can approach this development by taking into account all customer’s wishes… It can be a traditional website or a completely unique development. The company is a major contributor to WordPress and also sponsors WordCamps. The team pays significant attention to detail and responsiveness. The agency was involved in the creation of the Honda website for the Bulgarian market.


This is a unique company that was founded in Bulgaria in 2010. The team of professional staff offers a wide range of services, which includes WordPress. There are professional designers, marketers, and engineers who develop WordPress all over the world.

The company has a reputation for custom plugins and they have created over 200 free plugins for clients.

DevriX has a strong relationship with their clients that is based on trust and you are sure to be satisfied after this collaboration. The staff offers something more than just design and development. The popularity of this company is due to the use of innovations in digital marketing, which develops excellent SEO and other strategies.

The company has an excellent website network. All of the features that the client requests are implemented and they end up happy with the result. 

The staff provides the opportunity to hire one WordPress contributor at a cost of $120 per hour. The custom rate is $200 per hour or almost $1,000 per day in other companies. Personalized projects can be purchased here for $15,000. The cost of WordPress for small businesses starts at $50,000. These are affordable prices compared to other companies.


It is the only company that is a WordPress developer and has been nominated for an Emmy Award. This brand has created a large number of websites for big names in media government, health care, and other industries. They work with nonprofits and local schools.

The agency offers a wide range of services with a large professional staff. There are experienced designers, developers, marketers, and engineers who are popular around the world. They are professionals in complex WordPress builds, which is driven by great performance requirements.

The company is the winner of a large number of competitions and is popular because it uses unique tools. One of them is ClassifAI. It is an artificial intelligence tool that is designed to replace text, and tags, and classify one content from another.

10up unites employees who are advocates of open source and spend an incredible amount of time creating popular projects. There are more than 40 speakers and WordPress contributors on this team. It is definitely worth looking into this company because they are able to implement and exceed your expectations. In collaboration, you can watch them contribute invaluable ideas and provide helpful guidance.

Take a look at  https://www.slotsup.com/online-casinos/australia-au. This is a great example of creating a successful small business that has a large target audience. This project has a great purpose and idea.

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