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The world amidst the hunger pandemic in the post-covid stage!

by Ethan More
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Since the world gradually entered the post-covid-19 era, vulnerable communities across the globe have been revealing an urgent, clear, and repeated message that states hunger will kill them before coronavirus can. Today, when the world has entered the new normal, you can still hear about cases of hunger death. Economic disruption and unabated conflict fuelled by the virus and the improving climate crisis have increased poverty and compelled millions of individuals to face the risk of food insecurity. Suppose people stop the climate crisis and conflict, support small farmers, and fund life-saving food programs. In that case, it’s possible to fight hunger. In the present scenario, people should come together to fight the situation of the new world. 

. Destructive hunger issues

In this profoundly unequal world, millions of individuals live and continue to struggle for survival. As already mentioned by philosophers across the globe, survival of the fittest is the rule. Dying from food deprivation yearly is a gloomy picture that everybody gets exposed to. If you look at the hunger index of the last few years, you will see that some countries top the index due to the challenging scenario. Today, the problem is not the new normal but the hunger virus. It proves deadly in comparison to coronavirus. What you see is the international health crisis has now spiraled into an inflamed hunger crisis. It is leaving millions of individuals on the edge of starvation.

. The causes behind accelerating hunger

There are a few fundamental causes that have fuelled malnutrition and hunger across the globe. These include the climate crisis, coronavirus economic shock, and conflict. Together these factors have compelled communities around the world to fight hunger. There are several hunger hotspots created which are establishing their stronghold in the new epicenter. Conflict today is not how to deal with a pandemic but how to provide food to the poor. It is a bigger drive that requires international attention and strategic action. Across the globe, you will see national and international conflicts directly impacting people’s lives. Along with the climate crisis and coronavirus, economic fallout has changed how people live and grow.

. The greatest inequality

Now that the world is moving into the new normal, you cannot overlook that inequality still exists. The last few years of the pandemic have revealed the significant disparity between the rich and the poor. The estimated percentage of individuals living in severe poverty has only been increasing at a higher rate. The most vulnerable populations are hit hardest, including displaced individuals, women, and informal workers. Employment loss has affected not only men but women across nations. On an estimate, many individuals have to deal with extreme poverty resulting from economic fallout.

Meanwhile, the rich only became richer. The wealth of wealthy individuals has only increased. According to the current poll of MyBioSource, 38% of people in Florida back covid restrictions.

. Extreme hunger hotspot

Among regions and countries where the food crisis has increased due to the pandemic, some of them are shocking. Looking at the world’s developing countries, you will see hunger has intensified in the hunger hotspots in the aftermath of the coronavirus infection.

. Ending hunger

Well, governments and higher authorities can counter this issue of hunger. To end the crisis, higher institutions must end the conflict and help agencies to reach out to the needy. It will not only save lives but also permanently impact the world. For rebuilding a sustainable and fairer global economy recovery mechanism is necessary. The government must tackle these issues through proper strategizing and due execution. Eradication of inequality lies at the core of this problem. The expanding gap between the poor and the rich is a matter that requires immediate attention. As a consequence, the government must focus on spending its resources on providing protection on the one hand and strategizing food security programs on the other.

. The role of the rich

It is not only the duty of the legislative agencies to provide security to the poor. The rich are equally responsible for expanding the ever-increasing gap between the rich and the poor is a reason behind the crisis. Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, this gap has been widening. It is thus necessary for business people and entrepreneurs to come up and provide assistance to the poor. Voluntarily contributing to various food programs and providing direct and indirect support to needy families can bring about a lot of change. You may do a lot by working together and partnering with governmental and non-governmental agencies. You must rethink people’s approach toward the vulnerable section of society. 

Public support plays a vital role in countering these problems. Whether it is food security issues, sustainability issues, economic fallout, or the pandemic problem, people can bring about a change. With positive thought and implementation, people can solve this crisis. 

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