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Allscripts EMR vs Elation EHR: Who’s The Winner 

by Ethan More
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Keeping up with the healthcare challenges is not a child’s play. It is hard to maintain a consistent position in this continuously changing industry. But to overcome these challenges, there are EHR solutions at the disposal of care providers. These solutions help medical professionals get their job done by aligning their services with their needs. To be exact, EHR solutions are the need of the hour to help providers prosper in this challenging environment.  

You might be wondering what’s special about these solutions. To begin with, EHR solutions allow care providers to track patient records, keep tabs on bills, and monitor lab results. Moreover, these platforms allow the management of all clinical processes from a centralized location. Sharing information with the patients and specialists is also possible, which leads to better and more productive patient outcomes.  

The alarming part is choosing a solution that befits your clinical practices. No two EHRs are the same. They vary in every aspect, from features to pricing and customer reviews. And you have to invest in the one that helps you tackle clinical complexities instead of bogging you down with unnecessary services. And that’s where Allscripts EMR and Elation EHR step in. We are presenting you with two best-in-class options to help you decide which solution fits you.  

Allscripts vs Elation EMR: The Final Showdown 

Allscripts EMR 

Allscripts is a professional electronic health records solution designed for practices looking to optimize their clinical workflow. The vendor practices a connected approach to the patient records system to ensure simple operational processes. In addition, Allscripts software supports a centralized system to get practices up and running in the best way possible.  

This comprehensive solution empowers practitioners with high-tech facilities to back the decision-making process. Also, Allscripts EHR paves the way for practices to scale their businesses by featuring customized services. Doctors can simply align the services of this solution to their liking to get the most out of their businesses. 

Allscripts Features 

Penning down all the features of Allscripts EMR is not feasible. It is because the vendor rose to the heights of glory from basic electronic prescription software. Putting its services into action, Allscripts software improves clinical workflow by reducing the communication gap. The prime functionalities of Allscripts software are: 

  • Lab Integration 
  • Medical Templates 
  • Patient Demographics 
  • Patient History 
  • Patient Portal 
  • Financial Management 
  • Referrals 
  • Precision Medicine 
  • Documents Scanning and Digitizing 
  • Reporting and Analytics 
  • Scheduling 
  • Voice Recognition 
  • Population Health 
  • Employer Health Programs 
  • Allergy and interaction tracking 

Allscripts Reviews  

Users have named Allscripts as “Do-it-all software.”  It’s because it tends to various specialties and all-sized practices. However, Allscripts reviews are lauded with positive feedback about its customer service and UX interface. As per the reviews, Allscripts is a time-saver as it automates time-taking tasks. But, here’s the catch, it even supports employee progress tracking service and thus ensures better clinical management. The most appreciated service of Allscripts in the reviews is that the patient charts can be broken down into pieces for efficient diagnosis.  

The downside highlighted in Allscripts reviews is that the vendor freezes and sometimes even kicks out users. This hinders the progress rate of clinics. 

Elation EMR

ElationEHR is a clinic-first platform with exceptional functionalities to improve care services. Setting up the right pace for medical professionals, ElationEMR enables practitioners to up their level. In addition, elation encourages practitioners to give their best by leveraging data-intensive knowledge. 

With ElationEHR, clients can deliver phenomenal care with minimal effort. The vendor handles the clinical experience from the ground up. Automated patient check-ins, virtual care workflow, task management, and billing insights are the services that add value to the functioning of this industry-standard vendor. All these things set practitioners on the path to success.  

ElationEMR Features

As for the features, ElationEHR offers configurable tools and services. It has everything in store a clinician needs to ensure an optimal patient experience. Even the reviews state the services provided by Elation EMR are flawless. Unfortunately, listing down all the features of ElationEHR is not possible, but here are the top-rated functionalities of this robust solution.  

  • Checkin and intake forms 
  • Automated Coding 
  • Connected Patient Charts 
  • Clinical Quality Measures Dashboard 
  • Business Reports and Insights 
  • Advanced Analytics 
  • Inbound Patient Call Center 
  • Root-cause Analysis 
  • Elation Passport 

ElationEMR Reviews

Elation EMR reviews are all about its excellence and intuitiveness. The software is easy to use and easy to implement. Switching to this sturdy solution is not difficult for clinicians. Reviews of Elation EMR illustrate that the vendor boosts the revenue generation to up to 30%. In addition, this all-in-one solution offers innovative services like setting up recurring membership charges for regular patients. This step plays a significant role in patient retention and leads to a solid patient-physician relationship.  

According to the reviews, clients are unhappy with the customer service of Elation EMR. Moat believes it sucks as the support team doesn’t respond back in the said time frame.  

Allscripts EMR vs ElationEMR: Final Thoughts 

There’s only one way to put an end to this Allscripts EHR vs ElationEHR comparison. That’s by diving into their pricing structures. We are leaving this part to you as the pricing structure of Allscripts EMR is not made public. As for Elation EMR, the vendor offers three pricing plans with two-pricing tiers. The pricing plans of Elation EMR range from $275 to $399. It is a costly option as compared to Allscripts software. At least that’s what users say. Above all, clients using Allscripts EHR say that it is reasonably priced, and its price range varies with its modules like Sunrise, Opal, FollowMyHealth, etc. Request a quote for more details.  

As per our personalized experience, Allscripts EHR is a better option for small to medium-scale practices. The reason is that Elation EMR is packed with highly advanced services, and thus its pricing plans are too costly to afford. You can see this for yourself by comparing the feature set of Allscripts EMR and Elation software. This was all about Allscripts software and ElationEHR. If there’s something else you need to know, contact our team. Or schedule a demo with these solutions for deeper insights and a better understanding of these healthcare platforms. 

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