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Praxis vs. Sammy EHR: Which is Better for Your Practice?

by Ethan More
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Healthcare practices of all sizes rely on Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, to improve operational efficiency and track overall trends in the population they serve. These technology-driven tools have the potential for expediting the patient care process through electronic management of medical data, workflow automation, and patient engagement tools. However, a saturated market field makes it difficult for users to choose the most suitable EMR product for their specific needs.

Two high-quality EHRs available on the market, Praxis and Sammy EHR, offer comprehensive suites of solutions to help physicians optimize practice efficiency – in addition to enabling improved quality of patient care. Both health IT tools come with a wealth of features and capabilities, making each of them a viable option for various medical specialties. But which one is the right fit for your specific practice needs?

In this piece, we will go into Praxis EMR vs. Sammy EHR; comparing their features and cost structures side by side, to help you pick the application that works best for your healthcare facility.

Praxis EMR vs. Sammy EHR: An Overview

Praxis is an all-inclusive electronic health records software suitable for small and mid-sized practices across all medical specialties. The application uses artificial intelligence to learn the way each provider operates and adapts seamlessly to their unique needs. It includes a variety of useful features, such as lab integration, e-prescribing, narrative reports, procedure workflows, document manager, patient portal, and practice advisories. Further, this ONC-ATCB certified platform uses robust security features to prevent health information security breaches. Book Praxis EHR demo if you want to get a visual walkthrough of the software’s features.

Sammy EHR is a podiatry-specific medical software platform designed to streamline day-to-day practice tasks and track patient data. The program offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that includes EMR practice management, patient engagement, and revenue cycle management functionalities This Meaningful Use certified and HIPAA-compliant platform also allows users to keep track of the patient information that is entered, updated, or deleted using the audit log feature. Moreover, it provides ongoing visibility into operational efficiency and helps doctors to stay on top of patient needs. Book Sammy EHR demo to get a tangible proof of the software’s functionalities.

A Comparison of Features

Praxis and Sammy EHR are two widely used applications that offer robust features to help healthcare practitioners improve healthcare outcomes and optimize workflow efficiency. However, there are a few distinct differences in their functionalities, which you should consider before arriving at a decision between the two products.

Salient Features of Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR reviews vouch for the fact that the software includes comprehensive features for improved clinical efficiency and workflow automation – including:

Intelligent Practice Advisories: The program offers medical advice, treatment protocols, and support based on patient health data. It also allows physicians to create or edit the non-template format on the go.

Patient Portal: Clinicians can engage and educate patients online via an integrated portal that automatically adds relevant information to share with patients. This feature also supports collaboration with other doctors, clinical staff members, and more.

Concept Processing: Medical experts can chart in their own unique way; with artificial intelligence technology adapting to their charting patterns with time. The application recognizes identical text and automatically adds relevant information to a case based on past similar instances.

E-Prescribing: This health IT tool simplifies the entire electronic prescribing process for healthcare professionals. It integrates with pharmacies to eliminate delays in prescription handling. Further, pharmacists can get instant access to a patient’s history for reducing the occurrence of any potential drug interactions.

Document Manager: It allows practitioners to archive and import scanned documents, paper charts, electronic files, and faxes automatically with the system’s document management tool.

Salient Features of Sammy EHR
Sammy EHR offers all of the major features podiatrists look for in a quality medical software to streamline practice workflows, boost efficiency, and improve patient care – including:

Intuitive Interface: The application includes user-friendly tools and dashboards that make the system easy to use and update. It allows providers to conduct patient charting, update patient records, and track changes with just a few clicks.

E-Prescriptions: Sammy EHR reviews confirm that the program offers e-prescribing capabilities to let clinicians send prescriptions to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. It also makes those prescriptions a part of the patient’s overall health record, which helps increase accuracy and save time, as well as ensures that medications are dispensed safely.

Patient Portal: Patients can use the patient portal feature to request prescription refills, access lab results, get follow-up notifications, and communicate with their providers. They can also update their contact details and medical history.

Clinical Documentation: This EHR software provider makes it easier for clinicians to streamline the documentation process by providing clinical notes templates. It automates the data entry grunt work and allows doctors to repeat previous notes with just a single click; without retyping past information into each note.

Pricing Comparison

  • The Praxis EMR pricing offer starts from $259 per user per month, with the vendor providing full clinic training and software implementation.
  • The basic Sammy EHR pricing plan is billed at $349 per user per month. The vendor offers several flexibly priced packages to cater to podiatry practices with different needs and budgets.

To End

There’s no one-size-fits-all electronic health records solution out there. The best option for you will be the one that will seamlessly align with your practice workflows and requirements. It’s essential for the ongoing success of your clinic to make sure you choose the most suitable medical software to stay on top of patient needs while also operating efficiently. 

Praxis and Sammy EHR are both top-tier products on the market. They boast extensive features and capabilities that make them suitable options for various medical specialties. 

We highly recommend that you try product demos and consider various comparisons on Praxis EMR vs. Sammy EHR before finalizing your decision.

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