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What Is a Bong Ash Catcher and Why Do You Need One?

by Ethan More
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Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs globally. Recreational marijuana sales witnessed a 159 percent growth in California amidst the pandemic. People tend to be smoking lavender with marijuana to enhance the flavour of it. So, with the popularity of marijuana mixing with lavender, the need for better smoking accessories like bongs has also increased.

If you’re a smoker, you know that cleaning your bong is essential to keeping it. But did you know that using a bong ash catcher can make the process a lot easier? This article will discuss what bong ash catchers are and why you need one. It will provide tips on choosing the right ash catcher for your needs. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is an Ash Catcher Device?

This smoking accessory is a small device that attaches to your bong and catches the ashes that fall from your bowl piece. It prevents your ashes from entering your bong water and making it dirty. Moreover, it helps cool down the smoke before it enters your lungs.

The essential components of this device are a bowl, a downstem, and a catcher. The bowl is where you put your smoking material. The downstem goes from the bowl to the catcher. The catcher is attached to the bong and has holes that allow the smoke to pass through but catch the ashes.

How to Use This Device

There are various types and styles of ash catchers on the market. You need to make sure you buy the right one to fit your bong. There are two main types of connections: joint size and gender. The most popular sizes are 14mm and 18mm, but there are other sizes like 19mm and 22mm. Male ash catchers have a protruding joint that goes into the bong, while female ash catchers have a recessed joint that the bong’s joint fits into.

You will need to get one with the right joint size and gender, depending on your bong. You also need to make sure that the joint on the accessory matches the joint on your bong in terms of size and gender.

Some bongs have diffused downstems, which means that the end of the downstem is slitted. If your bong has a diffused downstem, you will need to get ash catchers with a diffuser.

There are also many different designs available for this accessory. Some have percolators, while others do not. Percolators help cool and filter the smoke, so you should get one with a percolator if you want these features.

The next step is to fill your bong with water. Ensure that the water is at the right level – it should be high enough to cover the downstem but not so high that it goes into the joint of the device.

Now, you can put your ash catcher on your bong. First, attach the bowl to the joint of the device. Then, insert it into the joint of your bong. Make sure that it is secure and does not wobble.

Fill the bowl with your favorite herb, light it up, and enjoy. The smoke will travel through the water in the bong and then through the percolator (if your device has one). It will then be filtered and cooled, giving you a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Don’t forget to clean your smoking accessory regularly. They can get clogged with resin, so it is essential to clean them often. You can use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to clean the joint, bowl, and percolator.

Benefits Of Using Ash-Catchers

1) They Prevent The Accumulation Of Ash Debris On Your Bong

One of the main reasons to use this accessory is to keep your bong clean. By placing it between the bowl and the bong, you can catch any debris before it has a chance to enter your bong. It means less time spent cleaning your bong and more time enjoying it.

2) Channels For The Smoke 

Bongs with ash catchers are essentially an additional water filtration device that attaches to the downstem of your bong. Its primary purpose is to catch stray ashes or resin bits that would otherwise end up in your bong water, thereby keeping it clean for extended periods. 

Condensation is another by-product of smoking that can cause your bong water to become cloudy and nasty-tasting. Using a bong that comes with a catcher for ashes can help prevent this from happening.

In addition to keeping your bong water clean, these accessories can also help improve the quality of your smoke. 

Final Words

As a regular smoker, you should get yourself this device. You can look for one that fits your bong’s model or choose a design you like. It will save your bong from getting dirty, making your smoking experience more pleasant.

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