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Monthly Tasks To Keep Your Home Functional

by Ethan More
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Running a household requires regular upkeep and maintenance. Making sure that your home remains comfortable, safe and functional is not an easy job. But many unnecessary problems can be avoided by following these simple tasks month by month. A regular inspection can save you from a lot of malfunction issues and disturbances. Here are some essential monthly tasks to keep your home functional and pleasant.

Dry cleaning

Mattresses, bed sheets,curtains and carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed one a week. While dry cleansing can be done on a monthly basis. Make sure to get all such fabric based essentials dry cleaned regularly. Poorly kept mattresses and curtains lead to mites and bugs that may cause uneasiness, rasher or even severe health issues. If dry cleaning is not an option; you can leave them outside in sunlight for 2 hours. Sunlight and heat kills most germs and bacteria.

Inspect water heater

One time water heater installation is not enough to keep your home warm and cozy. Water heaters should be inspected regularly for leaks and damages. Any kind of debris and accumulation in the tank can have an unhealthy impact on the quality of water. Make sure to check on your water heater at least once a month.

Clean drains and dispose garbage

Slow or clogged drain can cause much inconvenience. They may lead to odor and parasite growth. Clogged drains are an open invitation to mosquitoes and rats. Drains should be cleared at least once a month to avoid foul smelling and unhygienic environments. You can clear them using a mixture of vinegar and warm water. This usually clears minor drainage problems but if you have a major clogged drain hiring plumbing services is recommended.

Clean appliances

Kitchen and laundry appliances need to be cleaned thoroughly at least once a month. Electronics like microwave oven, dishwasher and refrigerator should be kept tidy and fresh to avoid any bacterial growth inside them. Washing appliances should be cleaned of any residue fabric threads and blockages. This will save you from any sudden appliance damage and loss.

If you see any electrical connection malfunctioning get it fixed head on. Electrical damages can cause accidents and discomfort in a house.

Test smoke and carbon detectors

Safety and protection is a top priority when it comes to house keeping. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are prone to electric damage and may malfunction in time of need. These detectors should be tested if they work properly once a month. It saves your house from any potential fire and suffocation hazards.  

Inspect outdoor equipment

Have a quick look at outdoor equipment like pumps, hoses, lawn mowers and gardening tools. Moist air, too much sunlight or rain can cause them damage. A quick inspection and care taking will keep your tools efficient.

By dedicating little time to the upkeep of your house on a monthly basis you can have a properly functional and fresh house throughout the year. Establishing a monthly routine will help you divide workload and enable efficient housekeeping. 

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