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What You Should Do After a Motorcycle Crash

by Ethan More
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Motorcycle crash

When it comes to road accidents, motorbikers are the most vulnerable to injuries or even death. Being in a motorbike accident often causes a lot of confusion and panic, but it is important that you don’t lose control of yourself and act smartly. Here is what you should do if you get into a motorbike accident:

  1. Safety First

Motorbike accidents can be more dangerous than car accidents. This is because motorbikes don’t provide the extra shield and cushioning that a car usually provides. In case you get into an accident while riding your bike, your top priority should be your safety. Try to remain calm so you can assess the situation better. If possible, try to get yourself to a safer side on the road. If you’re injured, don’t waste time to call the emergency helpline. 

  1. Call the Police

If the accident resulted in damage to property, personal injury or death, you must call the police immediately. If you have already called 911 for medical help, police officers are likely to show up to the scene routinely so you won’t need to call them separately.  

Make a police report and provide any evidence and information regarding the accident, and determine whether immediate legal action is necessary. Depending on your injuries, you may even need to contact a motorcycle accidents personal injury attorney

  1.  Gather Information

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, it’s rare for the accident to leave no injury or damage. If you’re not suffering from an injury, make sure to gather all information about the other vehicles involved. This will help you claim insurance later on. The information you must note down includes the registration number of the vehicle, the full name of the driver, and the license details. Once you have these details you can forward them to your insurance provider. 

If there are any witnesses present at the accident site, you should note down their contact information and testimonials of the accident. They can either write it down for you or you can record their statement on your phone. This information will be very useful for you if you plan to file a personal injury claim later on.

  1. Seek Medical and Legal Help

Remember, not all injuries are visible. There’s always a chance of internal bleeding or a concussion after an accident even if you feel and look fine on the outside. So it’s best not to assume that you’re fine by yourself. Make sure to get medical help as soon as possible. The doctor may run a few tests to check whether everything is fine and if there are no serious injuries. 

If by any chance your injuries are serious, you might want to contact your wills attorney, just in case. A wills attorney will help you draft a will that outlines the care of dependents and the distribution of your assets in case of a mishap. This will help provide the peace of mind that your affairs are in order, especially if your injuries are severe. 

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