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What exactly is crypto marketing?

by Ethan More
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Crypto Marketing is a new concept for both entrepreneurs, social marketers and the general public. As such, it may be difficult to fully understand and even more challenging to decide what marketing techniques will work in this field. Our blog post is designed to help you stay on top of your game when engaging crypto marketing strategies, whether you are trying to develop a decentralized app or simply connect with potential investors. Our site list!

The beauty of crypto marketing lies in its unbridled flexibility which can enable entrepreneurs and investors alike to find their niche and use their own styles that best suit their needs.

1. Crypto marketing is a blend of classic marketing and manual backlinks (advertising and public relations) with technology. When you’re at it, mix in an element of crypto-specific marketing (i.e., ICO marketing).

2. Crypto marketers are skilled communicators who know how to leverage the media and leverage the blockchain. The best ones know how to compose engaging content while still remaining authenticity and credibility by not trading on social media trends or fake news.

3. Crypto is a multidisciplinary subject and should be treated as such.

4. Crypto marketing is a constantly evolving field.

5. In crypto, you can make money (money) and secure your financial freedom.

6. It is imperative that aspiring crypto marketers stay up to date with the latest crypto trends (read our latest blog posts for great insights).

7. Crypto marketing is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle .

8. The best crypto marketers are creative and analytical by nature and nurture, value both the creative and the analytical side of their personalities, strive to master those skills which are applicable in an entrepreneurial context , possess good communication skills , use social media strategically , are resourceful and able to adapt to new situation s in business quickly, learn fast and have a positive attitude .

9. The average crypto marketer makes $57,720 per year .

10. The fastest growing aspect of the crypto marketing sphere is the ICO , so if you are looking for a job, look for ICO related jobs as they are most likely to open up new employment opportunities.

11. Investing in cryptos opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities , so it would be wise to have an investment plan in place before entering this world of financial freedom .

12. Blockchain is the core part of any crypto-related business and its wide application can’t be ignored while engaging in the crypto-marketing activities .

13. After you’ve invested in your crypto marketing tools and learned to use them, the final step is to learn how to monetize your crypto marketing skills .

14. Cryptos are an excellent way to earn passive income , therefore, crypto marketers should consider investing in the most profitable coins.

15. The best source of information on what is happening in the crypto world is coindesk.com .

16. Crypto marketer should be both: a translator and a liaison between traditional businesses and the new crypto paradigm .

17. HODLing is an important skill to master .

18. The market is ever-changing and you need to stay ahead of your competition by always learning new skills, coming up with new ideas, being able to adapt to the changing market and staying up-to-date.

19. Marketing on a crypto level can be done in a lot of different ways: creating a decentralized app, writing an article, creating a video or an art project, creating a podcast or copywriting.

20. A crypto marketing strategy should be done in cooperation with those who are more experienced in this field (e.g. marketing professionals , PR managers, bloggers , social media experts , etc.) so that your marketing efforts can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

21. After the ICO ends, crypto marketing is the most important element of developing your business .

22. Crypto marketing needs to be done with both speed and quality in mind: do not waste valuable time explaining why something is impossible .

23. If you want to compete in this field, you need to create a strong profile online first and then build a strong network of contacts who have relevant experience to what you’re doing (finding advisors for example).

24. As crypto marketers, we should make sure that our work can be easily criticized by others.

25. It is our responsibility to make sure that everyone understands how valuable cryptos are.

26. It’s better to focus on one cryptocurrency and one task at a time (e.g. do not create too many different content pieces about the same cryptocurrency).

27. Fundamental analysis of the crypto is an important thing, so if you don’t understand the basics, make sure to read more about them before jumping into a project (we have a lot of literature in that field).

28. Use strong passwords , two-factor authentication and look into security measures/tools which can protect you from scammers .

29. Research the people who are working on a project you’re investing in. Do they know what they are doing ? Do they have a track record ?

30. Crypto money is the perfect way to learn how money works in our digital world and it has helped us understand the social dynamics of blockchain technology.

31. All ICO marketing efforts should be closely monitored by several people (in case you have an advisory board you can contact them).

32. Keep an eye on your competitors, so that you don’t fall behind them and because, at least when it comes to ICO marketing, that’s usually the key point of winning over investors .

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