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What Are the Different Types of Regenerative Medicine Treatments for Sports Injuries?

by Ethan More
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If you’re a sportsperson and recently suffered from an injury, you need to take proper measurements so that you can heal your body as fast as possible. Surgery might not be appropriate for you as it will take a long time. On the other hand, physical therapy might prove ineffective depending on the injury you’ve sustained. In such cases, you should consider regenerative medicine treatment. PRP therapy, stem cell therapy, and cartilage regeneration are the most popular techniques of regenerative medicine that will prove beneficial for you. 

Depending on your situation, you can use the regenerative medicine treatments independently or together. For instance, PRP therapy can be used independently to treat chronic pain or combined with cartilage regeneration surgery. 

Remember that regenerative medicine might not be covered by your insurance. But that should not discourage you as the process is cost-effective, unlike surgeries. Here are the different types of regenerative medicine treatments for sports injuries. 

Stem Cell Therapy 

The stem cells don’t support any specific functionality of the body; rather they can be converted into cells such as tendon cells or cartilage cells. Professionals who advise their patients to go through stem cell therapy believe that when implemented in certain environmental conditions, the stem cells can meet some specific requirements. For instance, stem cells can be placed on the affected areas of the body so that they can boost the regeneration process of the damaged cells. 

Professionals collect the stem cells from the bone marrow, blood, or fat of the patients. Some clinics also use stem cells from amniotic fluid. But keep in mind that these stem cells will be dead without proper storage measurements. Therefore, make sure you contact the clinic and discuss this properly. 

PRP Therapy 

The platelet of the PRP therapy is one of the best and most effective healing properties of the human body that is capable of boosting the repair and healing process of people who have suffered from sports injuries. When you contact the appropriate clinic, they will inject platelets into the damaged areas of your body. As per Red Cross blood, platelets prevent bleeding

Doctors will take the patient’s blood sample as the platelets cannot be found anywhere else. After separating the platelets from the white and red blood cells with the help of a centrifuge, they will develop a solution of plasma and platelet. This solution will be re-injected in the damaged areas. Make sure you contact Albuquerque Pain control clinic to know more. Click here to know the location.


Cartilage Regeneration 

Do you know why damaged cartilage cannot be healed naturally? This is because there are no blood vessels in the cartilage. Therefore, the cartilage doesn’t receive proper blood supply. Different types of treatments can be implemented to repair the damaged cartilage due to sports injuries:

  • Doctors will make small cuts in the bone that happens to be situated directly below the cartilage. The blood flow from the affected bone will boost the growth of new cartilage cells. 
  • Cartilage transplant
  • Doctors can also use engineered tissues made of stem cells and implant them on the damaged section. 


These are the different types of regenerative medicine for sports injuries. Make sure you contact us and we will provide you with the best regenerative medicine treatment. 

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