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The Complete List Of E-Liquid Dos And Don’ts

by Ethan More
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The e-liquid and vaping market has grown tremendously in the last decade, making it nearly impossible to recognize what it was like before. Tobacco e-liquids and basic vape pens are no longer the only options. 

There are so many different vape liquids in the market that it can be helpful for individuals who are somehow new to vaping or want to quit smoking. As a result, we’ve put together this guide to provide you with all the information you need about e-liquid found here.


Nicotine is delivered to the body like a typical cigarette, without unpleasant taste and odor and fatal poisons. You can get nicotine and flavor in an e-liquid, available separately. Since vape juices, e-liquids, and mod juices all refer to the same thing at the end of the day, you’ll realize that they’re all e-liquid. To know what an E-liquid is, you need to look at the liquid used in an e-cigarette.

They have put together this comprehensive guide to e-liquid safety for your convenience.


  • Keep your e-cigarette clean

If you want your electronic gadget to last a long time, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Residues build up in vaporizer tanks over time, which can harm the quality of the vaping experience. As a result, cleaning the vape tank before changing the e-juice is critical. 

  • Keep your e-liquids fresh by following the manufacturer’s instructions

But even though e-liquids recognize their long shelf life, deterioration is still possible. Storage in a cold atmosphere is essential to preserve the flavor. The quality of the e-liquid severely diminishes if exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period.

  • Try out new flavors-it’s good for your device too.

“Vaper’s Tongue” is a typical side effect of long-term e-cigarette use. The inability to taste vape juice is a common symptom. The e-liquid satisfies your taste buds to the point that they need a break. It isn’t an urgent situation since it only lasts a few days. As a result, your taste buds can only detect the flavors of e-cigarettes and not the flavors of real food. To keep your taste buds intact, switch to a new flavor of your favorite food.

  • Practice Oral hygiene

The importance of good oral hygiene goes much beyond the norm for non-vapers; for them, it becomes a necessity. Rinse your mouth frequently to prevent plaque buildup. Brushing alone won’t be enough to keep oral health hazards at bay if you vape daily. 

Besides cleaning your teeth, you should also properly clean your tongue, mainly if you use sweeter e-liquids because they are more difficult to remove. On the other hand, Vapes have a lower health risk than cigarettes, which is good. So because of the lack of harmful components in e-cigarettes, this is true.

  • Longer periods between puffs

Always try to avoid using a chain vape. Before taking another hit, the wicks require time to become soaked. 15–30 seconds is a decent benchmark for this interval between puffs. You should probably wait a little longer if you’re getting dry hits. This time-gap pattern can be challenging to adapt to for heavy cigarette smokers, but it is ultimately beneficial.

  • Climb down the Nicotine Ladder to quit smoking

Vaping helps individuals to quit smoking cigarettes. If you try to quit smoking, you might begin with a high nicotine dosage in your e-liquid and progressively lower the nicotine level. While the Geek Vape Aegis Hero Rainbow sub-ohm mod kit is an excellent place to start, you’ll eventually want to upgrade to a box kit with lower nicotine content. If you’re just getting started, try Ecigara Cali Berry 20mg 30ml e-liquid.


  • Ask before vaping

It’s customary politeness to ask the owner of the place where you’re visiting if you can use their e-cigarettes before you start inhaling. To be safe, even if you’re only vaping with water and not nicotine, it’s a good idea to check with the person you’ll be sharing the space with first.

  • Respect local smoking laws

In Dubai, smoking in enclosed public areas is illegal. In public locations, however, smoking is permitted. Vapes, on the other hand, produce a dense cloud of vapor. 

The Ursa Mini Pod Kit from Lost Vape has a 3ml capacity to smoke discreetly while visiting a friend. It is small, light, and convenient to transport. As a result, it is not good to smoke in enclosed areas.

  • Don’t overcharge your device.

There are numerous dangers to be avoided if you leave your e-cigarette device plugged in overnight, including destroying the gadget and making it unsafe. It’s useless to leave your vape charger plugged in all night as you do with other electronic devices. The components in a vape battery are identical to those in a phone battery. 

  • Remember to stay hydrated.

If you frequently use e-cigarettes, you are likely to experience thirst. If you stay hydrated, you may be able to prevent developing the ailment known as the vaper’s tongue. The principal element in e-juice, propylene glycol, dehydrates you exceptionally quickly. Because the material is highly hydrophilic, you’ll need more water than usual. Dehydration is prevalent among newbies. So, even if you’re not thirsty, make sure you’re always adequately hydrated.

  • Do not use a vape pen in a continuous stream.

Chain-smoking, chain snatching, and other actions that begin with “chain” are all evil. If you’re a novice, it’s simple to inhale and exhale so much that the coils are completely charred. Not only will the lock be damaged, but the entire mod will ruin it. Let your wicks get saturated before trying to avoid chain vaping. Before taking a second drag, wait at least 15 seconds, as a general rule.

  • Don’t go back to your old ways.

Trying to quit smoking by switching back and forth between cigarettes and e-cigarettes will put you back. The entire de-addiction method renders pointless if you’ve started vaping and then hit back to smoking. Comparing the health risks of tobacco to those of vaping, smoking has a much longer list of drawbacks. 

Vaping is the most effective strategy for quitting smoking. It’s preferable to use a nicotine-rich vape juice instead of reverting to cigarette smoking. Afterward, you can progressively lower your nicotine intake. 

Bottom Line

To begin vaping as a novice is a scary endeavor. On the other hand, this guide should assist you in making the most of your vaping experience. You can begin selecting your vape device for free delivery within an hour.

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