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sorry i don t understand

by Vinay Kumar
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sorry, but i dont really understand.

I do understand.

You also don’t really understand how much i don’t understand.

I understand.

I think you should talk to the developers about it.

They have released a new trailer for Deathloop and it’s pretty cool. It’s a “time loop” where you have to repeat the same day over and over for the Visionaries to kill all the party-lovers. It’s very reminiscent of Ultima Online, where you have to repeat the same day over and over for the same group of characters to be killed.

If you’ve not played Ultima Online, then you will not understand, but I know you’re referring to the Ultima Online 2 timeline, which is the first real time-loop game I played. I can’t say I understand that part, but it’s one of the things I think the developers of Deathloop should really talk to us about.

As far as I know, Ultima Online 2 was the first time-looping game and it was very fun. You could play it for multiple days, week even, and by the end of the game you had a pretty decent grasp of the game. Deathloop is basically Ultima Online 2 with the party-based day/night/night/day cycle added.

Deathloop is something that I think is very unique and possibly a good fit for us, the gamers, because we are not afraid to put in the work, and we have access to a lot of people who are very talented at what they do. I think if you want a time-loop kind of game, you should check it out.

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