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lighting a fart on fire

by Vinay Kumar
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I don’t know about you, but the thought of farting on fire makes me want to puke. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised when my toilet seat is on fire, but I can never just forget about my flushing behavior. It’s not the “fart on fire” that’s on fire, it’s the “I’m going to fart on a fire in my pants”.

The fact that we are on a space station with a toilet bowl on fire is a nice, simple way to add a little more humor to an otherwise serious story. It’s another way that space opera has always been able to be very funny, and its also something that we haven’t seen in a long time.

I love that we’re getting more and more jokes about how we need to light our own farts on fire, but when we see a toilet seat catching on fire, I love how the joke is still funnier. This is what space opera has always been able to do.

The word “farts” is a bit of a misnomer, but what we’ve been enjoying about the “farts” of the past few months is that the joke has always been funny. Now that we know the joke is funny, we can laugh.

But the fact is that if you fart on fire, you’re going to get burned. And in many cases, the people who fart on fire are not going to be the ones who get burned. Instead, they’re going to get smacked in the face with some really nasty stuff, and that’s not a joke.

When we first met the infamous Gurney, he was a party pooper. He was a guy who would take every opportunity to fart and joke about it. He had a very bad habit of farting on fire. But Gurney was an exception. The guy was so obnoxious that even the people at Arkane were afraid of him. Because the company was so sure of his reputation, they hired Gurney as a security guard for the Arkane headquarters.

Gurney’s character arc is the story of a man who would rather die than take a shit. I think it’s fair to say that he was an asshole. But he became such a nuisance that he almost ruined the entire Arkane team when he decided he wanted to be a porn star. He ruined the entire company that he was the party pooper for.

Gurney is a porn star, and he was the one who wanted to be an employee of Arkane. The point is that Gurney was the one who got kicked out of the company because he was so mean-spirited. The company hired him for a reason, and that reason was to keep him from making a scene. Unfortunately for him, he made it past Arkane’s security and into the private office that was the actual Arkane headquarters.

While Arkane has always made money by hiring a variety of people and then firing them, Gurney makes a huge mistake by starting a porn company that he thinks will help him become successful. He is not only the one who ruined his company, but he is also the one who made himself into an internet superstar. Gurney was never a great party-pooper, but the whole point of porn is that it’s a business.

Gurney is basically a bad person who has decided that he will become the center of attention, so he sets fire to the company, and then he burns himself alive. This is one of the most heartwarming moments in any movie. It’s like a bad guy who burns himself to death with a lighter, just so that his cocksome boss won’t be able to be mad at him.

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