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by Vinay Kumar
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The “should you” question is actually a really easy one to answer. If you want to paint your home, do it. If you don’t, don’t. It’s not a big deal. We’re not saying that painting your home and decorating is bad.

I don’t want to paint my house. Its too big and ugly.

I’m not sure I follow you. This is not the same as saying “I dont want to paint my house”, it’s that you have no reason not to. If you want to paint your house, then by all means go ahead. If you don’t, and for some reason dont want to and are just looking to hide it, then just don’t. I know one person who refuses to paint his house because he has no plans on ever using it again.

You can also talk about your house. You are using it to build your home. The reason you are talking about your house is because you want to use the house as an excuse to paint your home, but you cannot. You have no intention to use it to paint your home.

If you’re not going to use it as an excuse then why are you even going to talk about it, especially if you’re not even going to paint your house? If you’re not going to paint your house because you don’t want to, and even if you do want to, why are you even going to talk about it? Because it’s a good conversation starter. It’s the type of thing you want to have with someone.

Paint is one of those things that should be handled as an afterthought. Why you paint your house is of secondary importance. In our own case, we took out the paint because we would rather not paint our home. But that’s not to say that we should never get a paint job done. If your home is a mess, it’s probably time for a paint job.

We don’t need paint! What we need is a new identity. The word “identity” itself is not a great word, and the phrase doesn’t have meaning in itself. It’s more like “me” than an identity! If you want a new identity, then you should paint your home with the person who has the most to offer you.

This is why we painted our home. We spent quite a bit of time cleaning and painting the interior. We wanted to give the home a new identity. We wanted to know who we were. By doing this we gave ourselves a new identity and gave ourselves a new life.

We didn’t even have to leave the house. We took away the things that we did that the house was bad for. Painting your home means going through all the rooms and doing everything you can to make them look good. You will not only have a new home, but a new you.

The next two chapters will show you how to paint your home and how to paint your house when you’re on the road.

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