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Where Are Samsung Phones Made

by Ethan More
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As one of the leading smartphone companies in the world, Samsung is often asked where their phones are made. The answer may surprise you, as Samsung phones are assembled in a number of countries around the world.

While the Samsung Corporation is based in South Korea, most of its phones are actually assembled in other countries, such as Brazil, India, and Vietnam. The reason for this is due to the lower labor costs in these countries, which helps Samsung keep their phones affordable for consumers. This gives Samsung the ability to adapt to changes in demand and supply quickly.

So, the next time you see a Samsung phone, know that it was likely assembled in another country, but that doesn’t make it any less of a quality phone.

Here are the countries that made the Samsung phones


While Samsung has manufacturing facilities all over the world, a large portion of its smartphones is produced in Vietnam. Samsung has two factories in Vietnam that employ over 100,000 workers. The company has been manufacturing phones in Vietnam since 2009, and the country has become an important part of Samsung’s global manufacturing strategy.

So why does Samsung manufacture so many phones in Vietnam? There are a few reasons. 

-First, labor is relatively cheap in Vietnam. This helps Samsung keep manufacturing costs down. 

-Second, Vietnam is a rapidly growing market for smartphones. This means that Samsung can sell a lot of phones in Vietnam.


In recent years, Samsung has been manufacturing more and more of its phones in India. This is a strategic move on Samsung’s part, as India is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets for mobile phones.

There are several reasons why manufacturing in India is beneficial for Samsung. 

-First, India is a large and growing market for smartphones. 

-Second, manufacturing in India helps Samsung save on costs.

-Third, manufacturing in India allows Samsung to serve Indian consumers’ needs better. For example, the company can customize its products to suit the preferences of Indian customers better.

-Fourth, manufacturing in India can help Samsung reduce its environmental impact. By manufacturing its products closer to the end market, Samsung can reduce its carbon footprint.


Samsung phones made in Brazil have been known to have high quality standards. The manufacturing process in Brazil is done with precision and high-quality control standards. Samsung has a global reputation for making quality products, and the phones made in Brazil are no exception. The high quality of these phones is one of the reasons why Samsung is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world.


It’s no secret that Samsung outsources the manufacture of its phones to various countries around the world. What might come as a surprise is that Samsung’s phones are also made in Taiwan.

While Samsung has factories in a number of countries, Taiwan is home to some of the company’s most advanced facilities. Samsung’s Taiwanese factories are responsible for manufacturing some of the company’s most popular phone models, including the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

 Samsung’s phones made in Taiwan are subject to the same high standards of quality and safety as its phones made in other countries.

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