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by Vinay Kumar
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Today a local man was arrested for driving under the influence. He was pulled over in front of his home and was unable to stop at the police station due to a broken taillight. The police said that Mr. Tustin had been drinking alcohol and driving. According to the police, Mr. Tustin didn’t know he had a warrant and was not intoxicated. While in the patrol car, Mr.

Tustin was arrested and charged with DUI. The video of the arrest was released to the public today by the county sheriff in light of the arrest. The arrest was made by the Sullivans, a local police department.

The sheriff in Sullivans is actually one of the most high profile arrests of the year. Sheriff Tustin was the first in the state to be awarded the “Tustin Award” for his actions in a police shooting. Now we know why.

Apparently Tustin was driving drunk, but was pulled over by a Sullivans officer. He was stopped for a DUI offense and the officer noticed that he was drunk. The officer tried to reason with him. He says that he stopped the driver and the officer tried to make him get out of his car in an effort to get out of the DUI situation. He claims he told Mr.

Tustin told the officer that he was trying to get out of the DUI situation, but in the process, the officer pulled his gun, which had a nine-round magazine, and shot him in the arm. Tustin told the officer that he was shot while trying to get out the driver’s side door of his car. It appears that Tustin was shot while trying to get out of the driver’s side door of his car.

This is definitely not the first time a cop has tried to pull a gun on someone in order to get out of a DUI situation. It seems that officers do it all the time. If you’re going to pull a gun on someone, you might as well aim it at someone who is trying to get out of a DUI situation. It’s just unfortunate that the officer’s gun misfired. Hopefully the cop is okay.

There are a lot of things that happen to people that are not related to driving. For example, they might get out of the car and get into an argument. They might get into a fight with their friend. They might get shot.

According to a local news source, the cop in this story might have accidentally shot himself in the leg while trying to get out. The officer says, “I was aiming for his face, and then I realized there were three of them.

“Dancing in the rain” is not an auto accident. It is a fatal auto accident.

It is a fatal auto accident. There are very good reasons for this, but one of the most important is that someone’s life is likely to be permanently altered by their actions. One of the most horrific examples of this is the accidental death of an innocent person, regardless of the circumstances. In the case of the cop in the video, the injuries were so serious that he had to have the bullet removed from his leg, which was not an easy task.

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