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Things to Consider When Looking for Custom Zinc Die Casting Services

by Ethan More
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Custom zinc die casting is a relatively simple and inexpensive process to implement in order to efficiently produce vehicle parts such as shock absorbers, oil pans, or various other automotive components. Due to the number of die-cast parts required for a successful production run, custom zinc casting is a very efficient method of manufacturing. The process can be used to manufacture large or small products in batches, where the correct lead time is determined by the number of components being manufactured and the quality standards set for them.

Things to consider when looking for custom zinc die casting services.

1. Experience in die casting.

The manufacturing process is relatively simple compared to other manufacturing methods, however, the details that have to be incorporated into the design can be omitted without affecting the structural integrity of the resulting product. Thus, it is crucial that die cast specialists are experienced in die casting. This personnel will know how best to incorporate large or small details into the final product in order to make sure that it is built correctly and within budget

2. Courteous customer service.

It is crucial that the company that you choose is courteous and accommodating to all of their customers. It is up to you, as a customer, to decide whether or not the company will be able to meet your orders. Since this is a relatively expensive process and not many companies are willing to stand behind their products, it is vital for these companies to be able to communicate with the customer about the quality of the final product and how it should work before production begins.

3. A competitive price.

The types of zinc die casting parts that are usually manufactured are usually moulded into a single piece, similar to plastic. This process varies in complexity, depending on the complexity of the model and the number of parts being produced. Thus, it is important to consider what price range you can afford as you look for zinc die-cast services.

4. Staff safety.

The safety of the custom zinc casting staff should be a top priority when looking for the right service to provide you with quality parts, especially during the production process. Safety standards are often overlooked and can be detrimental to those working in a factory setting. Ensure that your die casting specialists will place the well-being of their staff first and foremost before they start production on your product or service.

5. Knowledge of the casting process.

A company that has been manufacturing for a longer period of time will have more knowledge about their process, as well as overall experience in custom die casting services. It is important that you ask your potential service providers about their level of experience within this field.

6. Ability to meet deadlines.

When looking for a company that will be able to provide you with great customer service, a competitive price and on-time delivery, it is essential that you work with someone that has the ability to meet deadlines set by the customer. A company that has experience working within the custom die casting industry will know how important it is for them to meet their deadlines in order to stay competitive in their market and the overall industry.

7. Quality of parts produced.

The quality of the components being provided by your die casting specialists should be held to a high standard.


Custom zinc die casting services are a very popular method of manufacturing, especially in industries such as the automotive and heavy equipment industries. There are many reasons why this process is so successful and is so widely used.

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