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The harm and benefits of online games for children

by Ethan More
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Since the advent of games, a discussion has been going on all the time – games are harmful and distract children and adults from the real world, or useful and develop skills that can be useful in life.

We will discuss in this article all the pros and cons of the online gaming industry.

Harm of online games according to experts:

  • Distraction
  • Excess Violence
  • Development of depression and addiction


There is an opinion that excessive passion for online games leads to a distraction from the mandatory tasks in the real world.

There is some truth in this, but the choice of leaving for the game reality is based on psychological and physical problems inside the house. Roughly speaking, they run from reality to the game because of tasks that they don’t have a soul for and don’t want to waste time on.

Excess Violence

Games have gone through two stages of development throughout their history. At first there was a lot of violence, but constant protests forced the developers to reconsider their views and the amount of violence was reduced, but the games lost their entertainment.

Now found the golden mean, in which good action intersects with murders without much form of cruelty. In modern games, violence is no more than in films and is presented as part of the art.

Also, do not forget that games by their nature have the role of psychological relaxation. The goals of all players are different, but it is better to transfer aggression to unrealistic monsters than to living people.

Development of depression and addiction

Games can indeed be addictive. But this is more true for those gamers for whom the game replaces some aspect of real life.

It can be a social aspect – MMO compensates for interacting with other people, for example, in a guild.

The love aspect – not finding a soul mate, some players meet her in games, it is not uncommon for such couples to become a family in the real world.

The status aspect – being a pumped up and brave warrior, with a lot of gold in your pocket and a high status on the server is always nice and can be addictive if the correspondence with the real world does not occur.

As for depression, all cases are individual and games act as a catalyst for the problem rather than its cause.

Game server events are developing in such a way that players leave the game on their own, having lost interest in it, rather than acquiring addiction, and even more so depression.

What are the advantages of online games

Games, due to their focus on the interaction of players, develop the following skills in people:

  • Social
  • Financial
  • status

Social Skill

All online games are built on the idea of ​​maximum interaction between players, and even the quietest lone players come to the conclusion that a team is needed to defeat strong bosses, otherwise you can miss the most interesting moments of the server’s life and the best reward.

Help in quests, joint pumping, friendship, guilds. Many players even abandoning the game still continue to communicate and make friends with former guildmates in the real world.


Many players generate a strong economy on the server and push gamers into financial transactions.

Players buy and sell equipment and consumables, learn the rules of price fluctuations in the market, trade and sell rare rewards, resell, spot cheaters.

Gradually, players will understand trading tricks and tricks that are found in real life.

The skill of competent money management is also instilled.

In the process of pumping, the character receives a certain amount of gold, which must be accumulated and correctly distributed into good equipment and weapons in order to earn even more gold.

The unreasonable distribution of gold will lead to the fact that the character will gradually lose its relevance and cease to meet the requirements to be accepted into groups. This promises the loss of most of the income and fun in raids and group hunting.

Gold, of course, you can buy world of warcraft gold, but it’s better to do it at will, and not because they refuse to select a group.


Games instill the concept of status when a player, having come to the server, sees the most powerful character in his class and begins to strive for his level.

The skill of the game is pumped, equipment is improved, a strong status in PVP on the server is won.

Methods for achieving popularity and status are somewhat similar to the real world and can develop in a person the necessary character traits for success and life.

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