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The Benefits of Philips Smart Lock

by Ethan More
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Philips lock is a wireless smart lock that allows you to let specific people into your property or keep them out. It includes options such as face recognition, touch and proximity detection and even Siri support. Philips smart lock is a high-tech solution for security that can be controlled with ease from an app – Android or iOS. It has the following benefits;

1. Make your property more secure

This smart lock prevents intruders from entering your property by detecting any touch to the lock. The fingerprint scan option can be used to detect the owner of the house and only they will be able to unlock the door. The door can also be opened using proximity technologies such as RFID, NFC and BLE or with a regular key.

2. Control your privacy

The lock uses Bluetooth LE to connect with other smart devices that are within 100 metres in range, so you do not have to worry about it possessing a tracking device.

3. Keep your belongings safe from intruders

The lock contains a motion sensor that will detect any intruder and alert the owner. The lock can be programmed with a specific time and day in which the door can only be opened for 24 hours, so there is no need to worry about people entering your house at an unauthorised time.

4. Auto-locking through the app

You can set up this lock to automatically restart after being locked and unlocked within 5 seconds. You can also use the app to set up certain rules such as having your door unlocked only if you unlock it first or having it open when someone knocks at the door.

5. Easy to operate

The lock is designed to be easy to operate, so you can set up the rules within the app and you will not have to worry about any technical difficulties. The smart lock can be installed onto a door or gate with ease and there are no complicated wires involved. You can also connect it with your existing security cameras and doorbells.

6. Set up in a matter of minutes

The lock is easy to install, so you only have to plug it into your power hub for it to be ready for use. It also has rechargeable batteries that you can use to operate when the battery is not charged.

7. Warranty period

The lock has a five-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can return the product at any point within a year after your purchase if it fails to work properly. Philips smart lock offers one of the best security solutions, so you should definitely consider buying this product if you want to be able to let certain people into your house and keep others out. It also has the ability to have a key or codes programmed into it, so you can have contingency plans in the form of a spare key that is available for emergency situations.

8. Works as locks and handles

The smart lock can be used as a door handle or installed onto an external door to function as a lock. You can also mount it on the gate of your home or use it in any other location where you want to control access. This will make your home more secure without you having to spend more money on installing a new security system.

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