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by Vinay Kumar
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This is the first time I’m writing about a topic that has so many implications for us as individuals and as a society. On the one hand, it’s a news story that we have to be aware of and take seriously. On the other hand, it’s the sort of story that makes people feel like they need to take a moment to think about all the things they’ve never thought about before.

What if you were to stab someone? What would you do? Is it better to walk away, go to the hospital, or call the police? How about the answer to these questions? I think that, as a society, we usually make the decisions that we would make if we were to stab someone, and sometimes that may be the wrong decision.

But a person with a certain mindset just won’t think about this. The more you think about it, the more you get confused.

I was once at a restaurant table and some guy at the table next to me said, “I hate to tell you but he is a real psychopath”. I was a little pissed because I couldn’t understand what he was saying and I would have needed a lot of time to understand what he meant. But then I realized that he was talking about the fact that he was jealous of a girl who was sitting next to me. I just wanted to be friends with him.

Some people are known for talking a lot. Some people are known for talking a lot, and you know who the first one of those is. I’m not going to go into the whole psychology of why these things happen, but I will say that some people think that they are actually talking to you, but that its just a ploy to get your attention.

I think that people talk a lot because they are people. People have opinions about things, and they don’t all have the same opinions or even the same thoughts. I can say that I have no opinion, and I don’t think that any of me really has a thought. But I do have opinions, and I make them. Those opinions are what I tell my friends and my family about, and how I feel, and I try to convince the world that I have a thought.

People have opinions and thoughts, but they also have stories and perspectives. All forms of communication have some sort of “story.” But just because a person has opinions or a story doesn’t mean they have the same thoughts. Sometimes I think people are wrong the way they think. Maybe they are right and I am wrong. It just seems like people aren’t always rational.

So, my friend, I would like to address your statement with an example of when a person might be wrong, and possibly even completely wrong. I have been to college and have witnessed people have opinions and thoughts that are completely wrong, but you can’t deny that they have a point. But as long as we agree that we are people, we can both agree that we are not perfect. We are human. And we are imperfect.

I think if I were to make a general statement about the human race, I would say that we are basically the same as the last one trillion years. We have all evolved to a certain point, to about the same level of intelligence, and still continue to evolve. The only difference is, we will continue to do so. Like the last one trillion years, we were pretty much the same as how we are now.

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