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by Vinay Kumar
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It is easy to get lost in the world of learning so you can’t do it all yourself. The only way to be successful in the world of learning is to put on a full-on-the-same-mind-skill thing.

A lot of people get stuck in a way of learning that is all about “just memorizing something.” It seems that by memorizing and reciting something, you can feel good about yourself but you can’t do anything about it. That’s not the way to learn anything, it’s the way to learn how to cheat. It’s just the way of learning, we need to learn how not to cheat.

People learn to cheat to get things done. Its how they get things done. Cheating is how they get the most work done. Learning about skillshop, its about learning how to learn from people who know the most about what they are actually talking about. We need to make this into a learning tool.

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