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by Vinay Kumar
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Princess pottypants was the name of a book I read about a woman who was obsessed with the idea of potty training and training her children to follow her lead. It is a brilliant book.

The book goes into detail about the struggles of this woman and her children. The author goes on to explain that potty training is not about learning to poop but rather it is about learning to not lose control of our emotions. It is a very good lesson that we all should know.

It is a very good lesson to know for me as I don’t like my feelings to always control me and I’m often too quick with the help of the potty. As someone who often suffers from this condition, potty training can sometimes feel like a very frustrating experience.

It’s like a cat with no legs and no food. Because I am a cat, I need to be able to pee into the potty. There is no way I can pee into a potty without first putting my foot in it.

I can understand why people like to be like me. I mean, my cat actually does have legs and food. But it helps to know that I can also pee into the potty if I have to. My mom does it for me, and I used to do it for her as well, but since I was a tiny infant she would use a potty first before I would.

What I like about my potty is that it’s just a toilet. It’s not like I’m peeing into something else’s bowl and eating their food. If it’s potty you can pee in it, and if it’s not you can pee in it. But still, it’s not like I’m like a person who needs to pee into other people’s bowls.

So if I was like that, I probably would never pee into a potty. I’d pee where I wanted to pee. But I don’t want to have to do that. I don’t usually want to do that anyway.

One of the coolest things about being a potty-trained person is that you don’t have to stop you pee to pee. You just have to pee where you want to pee. It’s a big difference. The reason I pee in the potty is because I like to pee in the potty. Some people pee in a potty for the same reason.

It’s not a bad thing for a person who has always been a potty trained person, because they can pee in other people’s hands without knowing that they can.

That being said, some people are weird that way. They pee in other peoples hands and then have a weird reaction to it. I bet a lot of men pee and pee a lot in other peoples hands, but then they pee on themselves. I bet its because they like to do that. I just dont know.

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