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non js module files deprecated

by Vinay Kumar
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I have been using non-javascript module files for a while now and I am seeing this message a lot lately.

Basically non-javascript module files, which are the first thing you will notice when you open a new page in a browser. If you haven’t already noticed that non-javascript module files are a thing, they are. They are a new feature of the browser that allow you to create a browser-specific Javascript file (with all of its dependencies). Once the browser has loaded this file, it now has a completely different meaning. It has all of the functionality of a regular Javascript file.

Non-javascript module files are one of the most annoying features of web development, so if you’re a developer who has been using non-javascript module files for at least the last two months then you have a lot of company here. They are a new way to create your own Javascript file that has all of that same functionality as a normal Javascript file (e.g. no line length limitations, etc.) but allows you to include your own dependencies and all of the goodies your code requires.

These are great for creating a non-javascript file, but in the case of a non-javascript module file for which you need to have the source code included with your module file, you also end up having to go through the trouble of uploading your javascript file. When someone says “no, I don’t have the source code,” they probably mean “no, I don’t have the source code included with my Javascript file.

It is easy to forget to include the source code with your Javascript file when writing a non-javascript module file. You can go through and copy/paste the code, or you can download the source code and include it in your module file. With a non-javascript module file, you can also write your own JavaScript code that can be called whenever any part of your code needs to be changed.

Like for any other JavaScript file, you would generally want to include a non-javascript module file into your Javascript file. That allows you to call your code from outside of your Javascript file without having to worry about the type of modules that your Javascript file uses.

In my opinion, using non-javascript modules doesn’t have any negative effects on its own.

So it is a question of whether your Javascript code is still in sync with the rest of your code. If so, then you will get no errors when you try to edit your Javascript file. If you want to add or change a part of your code, you can simply go to your Javascript file and edit it. If your Javascript file uses a non-javascript, then you can use that file instead of the non-javascript module.

However, if the file is in the non-javascript module, then you will get errors when trying to use that file. The reason it can be an issue is because Javascript file references other Javascript files in that module. Your Javascript file will be trying to include the jQuery file from However, that includes the jQuery file from and the jQuery file from www.jquery.

A good reason to not use non-javascript files is because of how they’re referenced in other modules. You might have had the same issue and it would’ve made the code not as readable/clean.

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