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Joe Mantegna (born 1974) is an American actor, singer, and the son of an Italian-American father and Italian-American mother. He is an accomplished musician and actor as well as a fashion designer. Mantegna has been nominated for a Grammy Award, a Tony Award, and an Academy Award.

Joe Mantegna net worth is currently $1.7 billion.

Joe Mantegna net worth is currently 1.7 billion.

Mantegna has also been nominated for a Grammy and an Academy award.

A former member of the band The New York Jets, Mantegna is the younger brother of legendary Jets player Jack Nolan. He started the band in his early twenties as a member of the New York Jets and he remains a part of the group ever since. His father is a former NFL quarterback and a radio announcer.

Mantegna is currently one of the most recognizable face in sports, and he has quite the following on his own. He has been recognized for his charitable work by the New York Yankees for several years. In addition, he played for the New York Giants and the New York Jets. For more than a decade, Mantegna was a cast member of the NBC Sports Network.

Mantegna is a member of the New York Jets family, and has a large amount of fan support on the team. He is the son of former Jets player Kevin Mantegna and former Jets Hall of Famer and New York Jets running back Mike Mantegna.

Mantegna is said to have a net worth between $30 and $35 million, and like many other athletes and entertainers, he has a large amount of money in the bank. His net worth is actually somewhat better than this. Mantegna’s father, Kevin, has had a lot of success as a sports broadcaster, and recently he was hired as the voice of the New York Giants.

Mantegna is also a producer on the Joe Manship podcast, which is known for creating unique and interesting characters in his guests. He is also very well-known for his appearances as a model, movie star, comedian, and TV personality. He’s currently working on a new show about his family, which I find interesting since his wife is also a model.

Mantegna also has a son, Peter, who works as a model and was recently in the news for having an illegitimate child. Mantegna and Peter have a daughter, Sophia, who was born with a congenital heart condition. The couple has a son, Lucas, who is now an artist and plays the piano.

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