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Get to Know about Corporate Party Ideas

by Ethan More
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A corporate party is a celebration and entertainment event where work colleagues can get together and have a little fun with their friends. It is organised for the employees of a company to have some fun, relieve the stress, network for business or just simply say thank you for the hard work. It is also sometimes called an “employee appreciation party” or “employee recognition event” The following are corporate party ideas, that you need to follow;

1. Balloon popping

Pop the balloons with dart guns, pellet guns or swords. Some companies also let the clients get involved in this game and pop each other’s balloons. Hundreds of balloons are blown up and filled with helium to be distributed to all party attendees at a certain point in the evening. When it is time for the game, everyone will be handed a gun (or sword!) and told to shoot down as many colourful balloons as possible before they float away

2. Penguin races

A way to reward the best staff members! Come up with funny ideas on how your staff members can dress up like penguins while wearing special headbands that show their penguin numbers. It is also a great challenge when your staff members have to run through the office or outside and then return to the starting point.

3. 5k obstacle course

This idea is for younger party goers and for teams of all ages. Although not really fun for older people who aren’t physically fit, most of the time there is a team called ‘the oldies’ who participate in competitive races with other teams. Stamps are sold along with the race tickets that are needed for participants, so contestants can purchase them before the party event begins. If one does not have enough to participate, it is okay to ask their employer or friends (if they happen to be coming) to buy them some more.

4. Karaoke

Karaoke could be organised in the office [if it is small enough] or a crowd of people can be asked to compete for the best singer. The company can even sponsor songs to be sung and can charge a small fee for this. A karaoke session typically runs from 2-3 hours, depending on the number of participants. At least one hour should be set aside for participants to practise their singing before the event begins. If a song is not selected beforehand, then it will simply have to be done on the fly as well.

5. Limo party

Most corporate parties usually involve a large number of guests and the most ideal way to get around town is by hiring or renting out limos that can be used to transport your employees back and forth to the party venue. Limos are also a great idea for work functions, bachelor parties and proms. As an added bonus, some limo services have the ability to supply liquor if it is needed for your event!

6. Strip Billard

This unique game is played by couples where one player exposes her upper body while her partner tries to take away all of her clothes. Rules are generally agreed upon by the players before the game begins, so ensure everyone has been briefed on the rules before a game begins. It is nice to have a full-length mirror or two people in costume to ensure everyone knows who’s turn it is next.

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