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by Vinay Kumar
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As much as I love buying stuff, and I’m still one of those people who likes to save money in the long run, I think it’s worth considering buying things while they are still new. And you can’t really buy too much once it’s been new, it will ruin the sale.

It could also be that buying too much at once leads to a seller creating a “wasted” stock pile. So in the future when you’re shopping, decide what you need and when you need it and then buy what you need. This way you’ll not have to worry about buying what you don’t need.

So I’m not saying that you should never buy stuff, I’m just saying that you should probably buy it at the price you can afford and not the price you want.

Well, I think this is a great idea. It is possible to spend money on things you dont need in order to make them look good on you. So if youve got a new sweater for your wife and youve decided to buy it in bulk, that means you dont need to buy two more sweaters to make it look like youre wearing it every day.

This is the type of sentiment I was going to write in the opposite direction, but I was so annoyed by the way the above sentence just got deleted and I didn’t feel up to writing anything. I am still annoyed, but I can now actually share my annoyance with you.

Forward buying is like the way you want a new pair of shoes or a new shirt but you dont need to buy two new pairs or shirts to make it look like youre constantly buying them. Instead you can just buy the sweater in bulk and youll look good.

Think about it. You want a new shirt, but you know that if you go to the store its probably going to cost you the same amount whether you buy it today or the next day. So you wait a few weeks. You wait a few months. Well, you need to buy it now. And when you do, you dont have time to go to the store and take the time to figure out the right size now, you only have time to buy some cheap shirt.

We all know that we’re not going to get the same amount of money if we pay cash and get it in a store. You’re going to pay more for the same quality, and you’re not going to get a deal on a new sweater. That’s why you buy bulk, and not in the store.

Buy bulk, get to a cheaper place, and get the same deal. That’s how it works. Just buy cheap stuff in bulk, save your money, get the bulk, and just take the little bit extra for the bulk. This is something that many shoppers do, but there are some things they dont. Like getting the best price for the same quality. Or at least not get the cheap option.

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