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Finder Alternatives You Can Use To Find A File Path On Your Mac

by Ethan More
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macOS is a feature-packed operating system that offers tons of useful native utilities and tools that facilitate users to perform specific tasks efficiently without requiring a third-party alternative. One such utility is the Finder. According to Wikipedia, Finder is macOS’ default file manager and GUI shell. The utility allows users to launch applications and manage files, disk, and network volumes. macOS’s Finder packs numerous features that facilitate users to find and access files, open applications, and do other activities with ease.

Even though macOS’s native file manager is quite capable of handling tasks, numerous third-party applications are readily available that offer better and more optimized features. Users who wish to get more out of their Mac can opt for a third-party Finder alternative. This article will cover some of the best Finder alternatives that macOS users who require more features than what is available on their Mac’s native task manager can consider switching to. Let us get started:

Path Finder

Path Finder has been around for quite some time now, and it has been catering to the needs of macOS users ever since it first came out seventeen years ago. Some of the best features of the application include dual-pane navigation support, features for customizing keyboard shortcuts, etc. Besides these, the innovative “Drop Stack” feature facilitates users to conveniently copy and move multiple files from one location to another. The feature comes in very handy when you wish to manage tons of files, the majority of which are scattered all around your Mac. Path Finder features a simple and easy-to-use interface that facilitates users to browse through and access any feature easily.

Besides new features, the application also offers numerous generic features in the macOS’ native Finder utility. For instance, if you are wondering how to copy file path mac, Path Finder’s “Info” module allows you to find any file’s path and copy it conveniently. Moreover, the application offers seamless integration with Dropbox. Interested users can test out the app for free for 30 days. If they wish to continue using the application, they must pay a specific amount. It is a great app for users who wish to manage their Mac’s files more efficiently.

Nimble Commander

If you are an IT professional or a software developer who uses a Mac as their daily driver for getting things done, then Nimble Commander is a great FInder alternative you can seriously consider switching to. The application is written using the C++ programming language, and thus, it can stand tall in front of Finder to offer a smooth user experience. The application allows users to work with multiple tabs and windows without exhibiting stutters or lags. Using your Mac’s keyboard, you can access numerous file management features and functionalities. Nimble Commander also offers other top-tier features, including a dynamic file viewer, which functions exceptionally well. The best part about this Finder alternative is that you can use the app for free. However, if you want to access advanced features and functionalities, you can opt for the app’s Pro version by paying a specific amount of money.

  • HoudahSpot

HoudahSpot fares far ahead of other Finder alternatives when offering a more detailed and accurate search functionality. Using the app’s search feature, you can start searching for files by inputting a broad query and narrowing it down as per your requirements as you continue ahead. You can customize the search term to target specific file names, data, content, etc. The app can also search across multiple locations at one go, which significantly saves users’ time. Besides the search feature, the application also features a clean and minimalistic interface that allows users to browse through files without any hassle manually. Like most other applications, HoudahSpot offers a free trial for a limited time, after which users need to pay a one-time charge to purchase the application. 


Whether you wish to search for a file on your Mac, move them or access its path, DCommander offers all the required features and more and hence is one of the perfect alternatives to the Finder utility of macOS. Using the application’s advanced search feature, you can conveniently track down the location of any file. Moreover, you can also edit files from within the file-managing application by using the app’s powerful inbuilt editing tools. Moreover, if you want to transfer any file or data to a remote server, you can use the app’s FTP SFTP and SCP connections. To purchase DCommander and use it on their Macs, users must pay a one-time amount. It is a great Finder alternative for you if you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use file manager for your Mac.

macOS’s Finder offers numerous useful features, but sometimes they are not sufficient for users. If you are searching for a good Finder alternative for your Mac, you can choose anyone from the list of applications mentioned above without hassle. 

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