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by Vinay Kumar
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It is our official policy to not allow pets on flights. If you’re feeling particularly brave or if you think your pet might fly with you, please don’t attempt to travel with them. The airline is not responsible if a pet does get on board.

Well, I suppose the airline is responsible because the pet would be an extra passenger. But since the pet needs to be checked in with a pet fee, and the pet is not a passenger, it doesn’t make sense for the airlines to be responsible for paying for their own pet’s fare.

You can still fly with a pet in the sky, but you should be able to fly with a pet on the flight. If your pet is a flight attendant and youve got any pet on board, you can fly with her on the flight, but if youve got any flight check-in status while you are on the flight, you won’t.

In case youre wondering why the airline companies still fly with cats and dogs on the planes, it is because they think theyre smarter than a bunch of humans. But since animals don’t need seatbelts or seat backs, they dont need to be on the plane, so they dont have to pay for their own pet fees.

I don’t know a lot about the airline industry but I think they love cats and dogs and are happy to serve them as pets. They also have a pet on the plane because the airline doesn’t want to sell them.

When you think about it, flying with animals is actually a pretty good deal. A trip to Paris with your dog, for example, costs less than a trip with your cat. And I do believe that the airlines have a pet policy. If you can get through security without an animal, youre in.

If I had a pet, I think I would totally fly with it, but I don’t. I would hate to be responsible for someone else’s pet. That said, if I were a dog, I’d probably go for it, but not a cat. I think I’d rather fly with a cat.

In case you didn’t know, Cat-a-Matic is a pet-friendly airline. Their pet policy states that they will not allow pets on their flights. In other words, their flight attendants are not supposed to give the animals free reign of their airport. In this respect, I’m not sure why I should care about the pet policy, unless I’m planning on boarding a plane with my cat.

The main reason to be positive about the Pet Policy is that if you’re going to have children, your parents might want to pet you. However, this is probably a good thing because it doesn’t get you to have the perfect time for your child to grow up.

I dont know about you, but I dont plan on boarding a plane with my cat. I was actually going to send him on his own, but that would have meant he would have been in the seat next to mine – so I figured he would be safe in his own corner.

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