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by Vinay Kumar
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My friend’s grandmother named this place after the surf shop that she used to go to. The surf shop is where she learned to surf and where she discovered her love for surfing. The shop is located on the first floor of the restaurant and I like to come here whenever I’m in New England.

I was there when Gunny’s friend was killed in the forest. They were not there when he went missing. I think that was more a good thing than a bad thing.

If there is one thing that I hate, it’s a random collection of people who just happen to have the same last name. It’s not like that was going to stop me from visiting the chauncys surf shop.

The shop is located on the first floor of the restaurant and it’s on the top floor in a very small part of the building. The location is odd because it is located next to a restaurant and that restaurant usually closes around 1am on the weekends. The shop is in the heart of the restaurant so it is always quiet, and it is well known for its surfboards. This is a great place to come for an afternoon of surfing and to play pool with the girls.

The restaurant is a nice place to have a quiet location with a few cool people. At first the food was very sweet and very little fuss, but it really helped the overall vibe of the place. A couple of drinks at the bar served with a nice lemon drink, and I got the hell out of there. After a quick cup of coffee, I enjoyed the first few beers. The next evening I went in and stood on the other side of the bar to watch the girls with me.

As in before the food was really good and it was good drinks, but I don’t remember ever having the time to sit down with the girls.

Apparently the first girl I sat down with was named “Chad.” He was very nice and not at all creepy, but after a little while, he was just kind of quiet. I don’t know why, maybe his mind was somewhere else, I don’t know. I liked that he was quiet, which is rare for me, but I don’t think he was shy. He didn’t seem to be a jerk.

But the first girl was very nice to me, and then I got a call from Chad, who said my name. So I got up to leave, and I went back to the table and got Chad’s name, which was not Chad in the first place. It was Chad’s cousin named Chad. He was nice too.

Chauncey is a real jerk. I could see him being nice to people, but he’s not very nice. Chad is a jerk. Chads cousin is a jerk. I don’t even know.

The first guy he attacked was a kid that used a skateboard to get to the beach and skateboarded his way down the shore. He also got in a fight with a girl who called him a faggot, which is basically the same thing. It seems like they’re the ones that are being treated the worst. A lot of girls he assaulted are the kind of teenagers that are “just” doing something stupid, like drinking and driving.

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