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CBD Oil v. CBD Capsules. Which Is The Best For Pain Relief?

by Ethan More
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Lifestyle changes have resulted in many severe problems. One such problem is the increase in several types of diseases. In a world where everything is just a click away now, even health problems are just a click away. Every second person is going through one or the other major illness because of poor lifestyle habits. One such health problem that has become common these days is body pain. 

Various factors are responsible for people suffering from chronic pain. Poor body posture, long hours of sitting, no physical exercise, lack of nutrition, eating a lot of junk food, and a sedentary lifestyle are common reasons behind body pain. But, people are becoming conscious and have realized that it is essential to take care of their health. Hence, they are trying different ways and products to keep them healthy and fit. Younger generations are keen on experimenting with new remedies, and one such exciting remedy is CBD products. Many people are using CBD products for pain relief these days. Traditional ways are always here to treat pain, but there is no harm in trying these new ways if they are effective. Various websites advertise the ‘best CBD capsules UK,’ but you should always research before blindly trusting any product.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabis oils are cannabis plant extracts. They contain different chemicals that depend on the plants from which the oil comes. Beneficial properties of CBD were present for all these years, but they went to the surface in the past few years.

The cannabis plant contains several cannabinoid chemicals. Two major chemicals are CBD and THC. CBD and THC are present in different quantities in different plants. For example, oil from hemp plants has a high concentration of CBD, and oil from skunk plants has a high amount of THC. The primary function of CBD and THC is to interact with the body’s natural cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are responsible for crucial functions such as memory, pain, hunger, etc. CBD oil has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years because of its purported calming effects. Some benefits that make CBD oil a popular product are-

  • It helps in reducing anxiety.
  • It also helps in reducing PTSD symptoms.
  • It can help in treating opioid addiction.
  • It can help in calming or relieving chronic pain.
  • It helps ease diabetic complications.
  • It helps in protecting against neurological diseases.
  • It can treat epilepsy syndromes.

Many people use CBD oil to relieve significant illnesses like cancer, autism, etc. It may not cure these severe diseases but help control the symptoms.

What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are pills that have CBD oil in them. Capsules are a perfect option for beginners as it allows them to keep track of their dosage. It also helps avoid the risk of overdosage, resulting in severe health consequences. Most CBD capsules have a gelatin base. CBD capsules have the same benefits that any other CBD product has –

  • It helps improve sleeping patterns and quality of sleep.
  • It also helps to calm anxious thoughts.
  • It helps to reduce acne and marks.
  • It is helpful to manage symptoms of chemotherapy.
  • It helps to manage chronic pain.
  • It has various neurological benefits to keep the brain healthy.

Like any other CBD product, capsules are readily available online and offline. You can purchase it at your convenience. You should always buy a high-quality product, as you will consume the tablet, so it’s better not to put yourself at any risk.

CBD Oil v. CBD Capsules- Which Is Better For Pain Relief

Here are the differences between CBD oil and CBD capsules-

  • Capsules Are Convenient To Take

You may require a dropper or something else to take CBD oil. But, you can easily take out CBD capsules from your pocket and have them anytime, anywhere, without chaos. It is easier to carry CBD capsules than CBD oils because they have spillage issues. In this case, CBD capsules are more travel friendly, easy to store, and easy to consume.

  • CBD Oil Offers More Flavors

If you are someone keen on flavors, CBD oils are better than CBD capsules because they offer more flavors. Most CBD capsules come in a classic flavor, whereas oils offer you a wide range of tastes. These different flavors make the experience more pleasurable and customized. When you are choosing CBD for pain relief, this factor becomes subjective. Some patients find it hard to have tasteless capsules; they may prefer flavorful oils. While some patients are not concerned about flavors, they take capsules as a medicine. 

  • Capsule Take More Time

The absorption processes of CBD capsules and oils are different. CBD capsules enter our bodies through the digestive system; they may take longer to show their effects. CBD oils that are applied topically may show instant results. When we use CBD for pain, it becomes difficult to wait for an extended period. Hence, CBD oils become a better option for this factor, as they are quickly absorbed by the skin and show instant results in pain relief. 

  • CBD Oil Works For Shorter Duration

CBD oil has short-lived effects, mainly when applied topically. People who find it hard to consume CBD oil apply it to the target body part. These oils may show instant results, but their effects don’t last for long compared to CBD capsules.

  • Capsules Help In Tracking Dosage

CBD capsules come with a defined amount of CBD product. It helps avoid the risk of overdosage, as the person is aware of the quantity he is consuming. While taking CBD for pain relief, having an appropriate amount becomes crucial. In this case, capsules are a better option for pain relief, as it efficiently manages the quantity you intake.


There is no right or wrong answer as to which is better for pain relief among CBD oil and CBD capsules. It entirely depends on the person taking it and which factor matters the most to him. Both CBD oil and CBD capsules have their shortcomings and advantages. It depends on the person which advantage he prefers over the other. But if you are a new user, then capsules are a better option for pain relief, still read CBD news to decide for yourself. 

No matter which CBD product you choose, you should always keep certain things in mind. Never buy it from illegal sources as it may put you in legal trouble. Always buy a high-quality CBD product from an authorized seller or website. It is crucial to have a medical opinion if you are suffering from any other diseases, before taking CBD. Generally, there are no side effects of CBD when taken in moderate amounts, but you should observe how your body reacts, and stop its usage if you see any side effects.

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