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by Vinay Kumar
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I know, I know. I love texting my friends back and forth, but I’m always trying to avoid texting them while they’re on the phone or, worse yet, I’m still playing a game on my phone. I know my phone is a necessity for my well-being, but I’m just going to keep my phone on vibrate because it’s the one thing I can’t do without.

I know I said I love my phone, but I actually hate texting. I mean, sure, I LOVE the idea of texting, but I hate the idea of having to be constantly on the move to get to the phone. I also hate that it takes up so much of my time when I REALLY want to check my email and see what my friends are up to, and I hate the fact that I feel guilty when I do.

Don’t you hate the fact that I know you love your phone? I know that there are people out there that don’t, and that there are people who don’t have phones at all, but I mean, I know you think you can’t live without them. But I also know that sometimes you just need to be physically there for the person you care about.

But I’m not sure if you know what I mean. To some extent I think the phone is a necessity for communication, but not a necessity for all communication. But I do think that there are times when going by email or texting is what is needed most of the time.

I really hate it when people say, “I don’t have a phone,” and they mean it. But you may have read my previous post on the topic, and you know I have a phone. And when I have a phone, I’m usually not just checking my email and responding to texts, I’m also trying to do something more productive.

Well, you might not have said it, but I think it’s that everyone has a phone, and that a lot of times we don’t bother to check our phone to see if someone is calling from their phone. This is a trend I have noticed in my own life as well. I think most of you here probably do, too. It’s just that most of us don’t check our phones enough.

Some of you might say that I’m being a little melodramatic. But I think that its just that I am a phone person. I am used to a phone that I have to constantly answer and make sure my call is answered. The phone itself is a constant reminder of my phone being on. Its so easy to not pay attention to that little thing that is the phone.

I think that this is really the trend, too. When I see a phone I am reminded of something important I need to do. So when I see a phone I just take it and I check my emails and text messages and such. It just takes the distraction out of everything. We are a generation that is used to keeping ourselves distracted. What I find funny is that we are so used to keeping our phones on that we don’t realize it can be so distracting.

If you are constantly on your phone with a text message or email you will probably get distracted and not care about what you are doing. When you are on your phone you are not in the moment. You are thinking and your mind is racing. But that is only the case if you are thinking about the phone. We should be focusing on what we are doing, not on the phone.

The iPhone has a handy feature called “mobile silence” which, as the name suggests, makes the phone go completely silent when you are not using it. That’s pretty awesome, but it’s also pretty distracting. Especially when I’m trying to type a letter in my email.

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