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Bring Back The ’70s Bollywood Fashion Styles in Their Modern Avatar

by Yash
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Bollywood Fashion Styles have rocked the entire world. They are a blend of Indian heritage with the versatility of modern wear. Nothing is as great as the comeback of the ’70s Bollywood Fashion in its latest avatar that has besotted young women again. 

The trend of the ’70s never faltered, and generations of youngsters have danced to the beats of their evergreen romantic songs. With remakes of old songs going viral at the latest parties, party wear has adjusted itself as well. 

The ’70s retro fashion has been taken to a new height with a wide assortment of clothing fit for parties as well as casual wear. 

. Polka dots tops

Polka dots were everywhere in the history of Bollywood right from the ’70s to the ’90s and have reappeared to make millions of hearts beat faster. Polka dots are basically simple, but the colour and size of each dot matter. 

What’s more, it blends your self-expression with fashion and gives a look of both sophistication and youth. Polka dots can both be cheerful and vibrant or simply casual. Today’s fashion comes up with a wide variety of Polka dot garments like tops and skirts, blouses, and beyond all, you can ever imagine. 

. Sleeves with flair

Flairs have made a comeback, with sleeves and pants both full of these elegant beauties. You can get your hands on a large collection of these sleeves and pants which are fit for any festive occasion and professional requirements as well. 

You could attend a wedding ceremony with flair sleeves and pants because they are a mix of tradition and modernity. What’s more, they are very comfortable. 

. Forehead headbands, sequins, and chokers

These accessories were used so boldly in Bollywood in its evergreen days that young women miss them in modern movies. The actresses of the yesteryears in black and white knew how to flaunt these accessories, and they can take you back to retro disco styles. 

Style Tips

Pair that gorgeous garment with solid eyeliners and wings because solid eyeliners are common in ’70s movies. For a more sophisticated look, try minimalism with your makeup and ornaments. The ’70s saw an extreme of Egyptian-style eyeliners with solid wings and utter minimalism. Try tying up and untying your hair because ’70s fashion is incomplete without voluminous hair that gives you a dreamy look. 

If you want to look unique and stand out from the crowd, then the market today has a wide array of the ’70s-inspired Bollywood garments to suit every age. Check them out at renowned multi-designer platforms like Tata Cliq Luxury, Ajio Luxe, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, etc. You’re sure to love the masterpieces by labels like Seema Gujaral, Nimah By Kriti, Rocky Star, Manish Arora, Labbada, Arohi, etc. 

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