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Best Ways to Share Large Size Business Documents

by Ethan More
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Sharing large-sized documents via email and other file-sharing platforms is a bit difficult task. Do you know the reason? Many platforms don’t let users share the files over a specific size limit. For example, Gmail and Yahoo only allow users to share files up to 25MB, and Hotmail is worse as it allows only 10MB. So if you want to share files over that size, you need to look for some other ways.

Ways You can Choose to Share large Sized Business Documents

Most of the business documents are in PDF format and contain a large amount of information, That is why the size of those documents becomes large and is difficult to share. This article is written to help those who are looking for some of the best ways to share their large-sized business documents. Here they are;

Zip Method

The first and one of the most commonly used methods to share large files is by zipping them. There could be any reason why you need to zip files. For example, if you want to share a lot of business documents exceeding the limit offered by your preferred file-sharing platform. In addition, it can also be used to share heavy-sized photos and videos. It doesn’t matter why you need to send files; if they are large in size, the zipping method can help you.

When you zip up the files, you create a smaller-sized folder that contains all of the files. The size of that zipped folder is much less than the original sum of all the file sizes. That’s how you can easily share those files using any platform. 

However, there is a significant issue with the zipping method. The receiver should also have an unzipping software or tool. If your receivers don’t have those tools, they cannot unzip and view the files. It is the only reason many internet users do not favour that method.

Compress PDF Size Online and Share

We all know that business documents are mostly in PDF format. If your files are also in PDF format, you can use a PDF compressor to reduce PDF size and make them sharable. However, you should be careful while choosing a PDF compressor, as not every tool is the best in its work.

You should ensure that the tool you are using doesn’t store the users’ data and doesn’t impact the document quality. DupliChecker’s PDF compressor is one of the best in the work. This tool not only compresses PDF file sizes while maintaining the original quality but also doesn’t save your files in its database. You can rely on DupliChecker’s compressor as this platform is well-reputed in the market due to its extraordinary tools. To try how good this PDF compressor is, click on the link:

Try Cloud Storage Service

You can rely on cloud storage services if your files are in some other formats. There are multiple cloud storage services like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc. You can share a massive amount of data using these free cloud storage services. Besides sharing files, you can also store your personal data using these services.

Let’s learn how to send large files using these storage services. The process of sharing files of almost every service is practically the same. First, you need to upload your files to your cloud; after that, give access to that particular file or folder to the receiver and then notify the receivers via email. When the receivers have the link of that file/folder and the access to view or download it, they can easily access and download them. That’s how you can share any data using these platforms.

Use USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives can also help you share your business documents. Most internet users don’t prefer using flash drives as they are not convenient. They like to share files using online platforms. But sharing files using USB flash drives is much better in terms of privacy. If you have some confidential data, sharing files using flash drives is the best. No one can access your data until they have access to your USB.

In addition, you can share extensive data using USB flash drives. However, if the receiver is not near to your location, you may have difficulty sending flash drives. In that case, you can send them via courier service.


There are multiple ways to share your business documents or proposals, and every method has some exclusive pros and cons. For example, zip files are only reliable when you are sure the receiver knows how to unzip files and has the unzipping software. You can try different ways to compress PDF size. Cloud storage service is effective and reliable until the data is below a specific limit. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the service. USB flash drives are convenient when the receivers are near your location.

All of the mentioned ways are the best, but you should know your requirements, and it will help you select the most beneficial method.

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