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by Vinay Kumar
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Bakersfield News Shooting is the story of a mother who lost her son to a car accident. Her son was a student at San Fernando Valley High School. She was home when the shooting happened. Her son was a talented and popular student.

On the night of the shooting, our hero, a girl named Olivia, got a call from a man who said a man named “Muffin” shot her son. She thought he was saying her son was dead. She told the man her son was fine and is in a hospital. Then the man tells her she needs to go through her purse and get a hold of her son’s phone.

The man says he needs to know who she is because she’s his daughter. The man says he’s going to kill her son. He says it was Muffin. He says he’s going to kill her son.

I thought Olivia would make a terrible mom, but she is actually quite charming. It must be her charm that won her over. Olivia is a nice, quiet girl who is a high school senior and works at a bakery in town. The problem with a young, quiet girl is that she often ends up being the target of a violent man.

We don’t know if Muffin has actually killed anyone in the past. We suspect she probably has. However, the question isn’t if she has done anything, but if she will do anything. It is easy to become paralyzed by the possibility of murder after hearing the news that she is involved in a shooting.

As a mom who knows how hard it can be to lose someone, I know how hard it is for me to be a parent and not do my best to protect my kids. I still can’t believe that Olivia is the target of a random stranger. She is so innocent, and I can only imagine what her life is like because I didn’t grow up with a dad who is constantly on the phone, or with a mom who is always in the house.

Olivia is a young woman who seems to be a good student and a good friend. I’m sure she has other friends and acquaintances that are not included in this shooting, but if it is indeed a random attack, one that Olivia was not actively involved in, I can only imagine how hard it is to lose someone.

The shooter is identified as a white male with a long ponytail who is in his 20s. That is a bit creepy considering how much of an anomaly he appears to be, but also a bit of a relief that no-one was seriously injured, but I guess the whole “shoot someone and not be able to see them afterward” part of the story is a little too much for the cops to take.

Olivia’s shooting is not a random attack. The shooter is also known to be a woman of color. When I saw the news I was shocked. I know there are other people who have been hit by gunfire, but the fact that it was a woman of color really makes it hard to imagine it was random.

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