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by Vinay Kumar
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I am words is a short film by Benj Pasek, a young artist living in New York. In his film he takes a group of strangers and puts them through a variety of situations in order to see how they react. Through it all you can see what makes each person tick.

The film is so funny that it has become a meme for some people, and the internet has even made a video of it. While it does seem like a strange way to make a short film, I think it’s a very clever way to get people to care about their feelings.

Benj Pasek’s video is a very creative way to get people to care about their feelings and it’s probably the most successful way I have seen to do it. Whether it’s the fact that it doesn’t feel like a “made for you” film or the fact that it’s a funny, funny short film, am words does a great job of not just getting people to care, but actually creating an emotional connection to whatever it is they are feeling.

While a made for you can be a great way to help make a film feel more real, I think its a better option if the film feels more like a real thing. When I watched Benj’s video it felt more like an actual video.

The real thing might sound a little overwhelming, but am words is a good place to start. When you have a voice and you have a physical body, and you have a very strong body, and you are able to make a strong connection with the voice and the body, you can work very hard to find the voice and feel that connection.

I’ve found that the best way to make myself feel that connection is to write my thoughts down. That’s the secret to making it seem like my voice is being talked to me. I’m writing down every thought I have. Every time I say a word, my voice is the one talking to me. I can even think back on the words that I said. I can’t make me think about what I am saying before I say it.

Ive been writing my thoughts down for as long as I can remember. I used to do it on my bathroom mirror. But then I moved, took a job, got married. And then I started writing on my bathroom mirror again. It just didn’t feel as immediate for me.

It’s true that we often don’t have access to our thoughts when we’re awake. But by asking us to write things down, you’re also asking us to recall every word of what we’re saying. This is especially true for people who speak with a strong accent. It’s a technique that can help us remember where we have been, where we are now, and what we want to accomplish in the future.

That is why I asked you to write down what you were thinking, what you were feeling. We are all human, and it would be a shame to forget these things. By writing things down you are also providing a record of the things you want to do, the things you want to say, and the things you want to remember.

The more you think about it, the more you realize what a waste it is to always be remembering. So you are not so bad after all. You are just so busy thinking about what you’re going to say next that you spend a lot of time not thinking. You may not realize it at first, but this is how you make yourself feel and look. This is how you make yourself remember what you want to remember.

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