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5 Pieces Of Hunting Gear To Sustain Cold Weather

by Ethan More
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Hunting in the winter poses a set of difficulties, the most obvious being keeping warm. It is unfortunate when you buy hunting gear that doesn’t perform well during low-freezing temperatures. 

The right gear will give you a good and comfortable hunting experience during the cold weather. You will withstand the cold longer if you are at ease on the field. Additionally, you’ll find it simple to focus on the hunt, increasing your chances of success.

Nothing is worse than reaching your hunting site only to discover it is bitterly chilly 30 minutes later. A hunting gear in such a situation will keep you warm and encourage you to hunt farther and more carefully, enhancing your chances of another successful hunt.

What to Consider Before Buying a Hunting Gear?

Which cold-weather hunting gear you need will depend on the hunting you’re engaging in. If you spend most of your hunting time sitting still for hours, you won’t produce less body heat than you would if you were moving.

The best option is a full-body insulator or a portable heater. But if you’re stalk hunting, the gear you should use is disposable warmers like air-activated packs.

Try the gears below to keep off the cold and make the hunt enjoyable.

1. ArcticShield Body Insulator

The ArcticShield Body Insulator is ideal for ground blind and tree stand hunting when hunting in cold weather. The fabric technology of this cold-weather hunting gear restores 90% of body temperature to the inside garment.

It contains a detachable hood, a pass-through slit for a safety harness, and a soft, light outer shell fabric that is waterproof and windproof. Even if you’re wearing a jacket, it’s simple to put on and take off the suit thanks to its primary zipper.

Its zippers all include EZ pull tabs that you can use even when wearing gloves. This hunting gear has inner shoulders that keep the suit on when the zipper is undone. Its feet have rubberized bottoms for traction.  

2. A Portable Propane Heater

A portable propane heater is the finest hunting gear when you’re out hunting in the cold. Propane heaters can run quietly, and any propane odor won’t annoy or scare off any animal. It is portable and light enough to transport to a tree stand. It can reliably heat up to 225 square feet. Additionally secure for use in group blinds or enclosed high blinds. 

When the appliance topples, the pilot light fails or goes out, or not enough oxygen is detected, and it immediately turns off.

You can fold the handle and store it out of your way, and the swivel-out regulator makes it simple to connect to a 16-ounce propane tank. You can use one propane tank to provide heat for up to 3 hours on either the low or high setting, depending on which one you’re using.

3. Insulated Boots

In cold weather, insulated boots are the ideal pieces of hunting gear. With proper boots, you can avoid getting injuries when hunting. They’ll keep your feet warm and ensure you have enough support for your hunting activity.

Your choice of insulating footwear will rely on the primary purpose of your hunt. A neoprene rubber boot is your best option if you need to wade through deep water or snowbanks. 

These boots stop snow and moisture from entering by rising halfway up your leg. For duck hunters and anglers, neoprene boots offer the finest protection.

A sport utility boot is preferable for grip, mobility, and comfort during deer hunting or mountain hiking in areas with little snow.

4. Warm Socks

Cold feet result from wet socks. To avoid feeling cold while hunting, choose the appropriate socks for cold-weather conditions. If you frequently have wet feet, consider using liner socks to encourage aeration. 

Wear thick wool socks or add additional insulation to your boot for warmth. You can as well buy new socks for the slump. You’ll be considerably warmer in a fresh pair of lofty socks than in your old crusty hiking socks. 

This is because they haven’t compressed from frequent wearing. You can bring an extra pair of dry socks and put them on at the hunting site if you’re going on the coldest hunts with swampy rubber boots.

5. Fingerless Merino Glove

Thick gloves limit the dexterity necessary for archery or firearm hunting. The best hunting gear for cold weather is a pair of fingerless merino gloves. You can wear these gloves on top of your light hunting gloves to enhance warmth. 

In addition to being warm and odor-resistant, merino wool gloves absorb sweat and draw moisture away from your skin. Even when wet, this hunting gear retains its heat. It is less abrasive, soft, and lightweight, making it perfect for layering.

Take Away

It doesn’t have to be stressful to get ready for the cold. Don’t let the cold weather catch you off guard. You can guarantee a risk-free, fruitful, and joyful hunting adventure by making essential purchases for your winter hunting gear. The hunting gears listed above are vital to keeping you warm during the winter. You’ll feel more secure knowing you can resist the ferocious winter weather.

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